Attacking The Sovereignty Of A Nation

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Several weeks ago the United States of America government and other European countries like the United Kingdom of Britain raised alarm about an impending invasion of Ukraine by Russia. I was indifferent about this news while watching the report on TV. I wrongly assumed that the information released by the intelligence agencies of these countries were exaggerations when taking into consideration the power struggle that has been going on between these countries most notably the the U.S and Russia.

The concerns and alarm raised by the U.S and British government of Russia's plan to invade Ukraine became a reality as time elapsed. An occurrence that I received with great surprise! I was in disbelief that Russia would wage war on Ukraine unprovoked. I also came to appreciate the value of intelligence gathering as the warning of the invasion of Ukraine by Russia given by the U.S and British government was correct. They proved me wrong!

The reason for the invasion of Ukraine by Russia holds no water for me. The objectives and demands made by Russia from Ukraine seems to be misplaced and absurd to me. Russia says it wants to liberate the Pro-Russian region of Crimea from the grip of the tyranny of Ukraine. How can a government that was overwhelming elected by Ukrainians and has no record of abusing her people be accused of tyranny? Crimea is presently an annex of Russia! She also does not want Ukraine to become a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation(NATO) and European Union(EU). Why would Russia invade a sovereign nation because a separatist region in that nation wants to become part of Russia? Why would Russia dictate to Ukraine, a sovereign nation, the organisations it can join and those it shouldn't join? Does the purview of Russia extend to Ukraine? Are these demands valid reasons to wage war on Ukraine? These are questions that I believe deserve answers. In my opinion the invasion and demands made by Russia on Ukraine is a threat to the existence of Ukraine as a nation. It is an assault on the people of Ukraine!

I watched news reports of the Russian-Ukrainian war on TV with keen interest as events unfolded. The Russian military initially claimed it was targeting strategic locations like military bases and facilities in its operations in the early stages of the war. However, the attacks began to take place in residential areas occupied by civilians. One particular incident where a bomb exploded in hospital and left several people dead including an infant made me feel sad. These attacks continued to be carried out on civilians in residential and commercial areas by the Russian military leaving scores of people dead consequently compelling residents of those areas to flee for safety. Is this the strategy Russia wants to employ to obtain its demands from Ukraine? Carrying out deadly attacks on civilians and causing pandemonium? In my opinion this is cowardice!

I salute the courage, grit and tenacity shown by Ukraine in the face of this needless war. They have put up strong resistance against Russia and remained defiant. No nation has the right to intimidate another because she is more powerful. History has also shown that war inflicts damage and loss to nations at war with each other. The consequences of war are detrimental to parties involved. Some nations take as long as a decade to recover from war while others are unable to recover. As it stands at the moment the Ukrainian and Russian economies have been adversely affected by this ongoing war. I hold the opinion that conflicts are better resolved through mediation and diplomacy. Nations that have conflict of interests can always reach a compromise through diplomacy and mediation. I hope organisations like the United Nations and the European Union will wade into the crisis between Ukraine and Russia and proffer ways to resolve it. They should rise to the occasion!

The war that is going on between Ukraine and Russia is unfortunate. I sympathize with Ukrainians and immigrants in Ukraine who are victims of the ongoing war. You guys shall come out stronger! I also pray that God grants those who have lost their lives in war repose and comfort their families. Let's all be proponents of peace and co-existence with one another. WE STRONGLY OPPOSE WAR!

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