Fiction: The Pains Of Parenting trial 3; The Scary Part Of Parenting A Child

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Happy Tuesday to you all folks, welcome to the third episode of a four part series in the PAINS OF PARENTING, so on the last episode, I narrated how my child in his first two to three years had the pooping phase without any potty training, the way to cope with it and how to move on. Today, I move on to one of the scariest things to face as a parent, A sick child.


Please note "Sick" means being affected with disease or ill health.

Now the illness might range from the simpler cold all up to "medically complicated conditions"; it could go from having to suck the snort out your baby's nose to help him breath, to seeking out fund raisers and insurance claims for a 10 million naira surgery for a one year old child. Basically it could all go to hell overnight.

But for today, let's roll with the simpler version, and you might get a glimpse to how fragile babies get.

The first one was when he was about three months old, in the middle of July, it was raining season so it was COLD, I kept him covered up for as long as possible, I even limited his baths to just once a day, but it still wasn't enough to keep out the darn cold. He got a running nose and a mild cough. I thought to myself "This is something super-mom can definitely take care of".

One of the scariest moments of my life came 2 days into it, I went to his room for my overnight check-in, I made it a duty to go to his room atleast 2 times over the night.

I opened the door to his room, walked up to my baby's crib and found him gasping for air, he was having trouble breathing, he was already turning all blue, I had no idea how long he had been like that but my instinct took over and I sucked the hell out of his nose cause I knew it depended on it.

It took about 3 tries before I heard him gasp for air. I held him to my chest for I think twenty, just sat on the floor of his room like that, I had to wait for the fear juice in me to die down before I called for my husband, I explained it to him and he decided we went to an hospital, my baby was given a check up, they said he must have had snort in his throat and what I did was the right choice of action, we were told to have him sleep in our room for the next three months, and then they administered some drugs for him. That was my worst episode as it basically went for a simple cold to a life threatening situation.

As always, It got better over the years and now I have a nine year old big boy on my couch getting rude with me.

Now as ever, Parenting is lovely, you just have to handle the good and the bad sides of it, just as anyone should handle any good relationship. It might get a bit scary, but it's gets better with time.

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Thanks for reading,
Have a splendid day folks.

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I was about saying congratulations on being a parent before I read the whole story. Parenting can be quite scary especially when the kids fall ill but proper orientation and having the necessary drugs at home can help in offering a quick relief.

Parent ke. Not now sha. But so is the life of a parent.. And yes.. There needs to be like an orientation program during the conception period for both parents. Could save a lot of babies.

You are absolutely correct

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