I Got Burnt While Playing Good Samaritan And I Don't Like It.

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There has been this trend as of late trailing me anywhere I go especially within my friend circle. I don't understand this pattern of chaos that beguiles me once in a while. The funny part is whenever it happens, I am always the victim.

Last night something of this sort occurred again, most times I've suffered the victim trauma offline but the one of yesterday happened online. At this point, the best way for me to express myself is to give an actual analogy or cull out a scenario that matches this cruel experience.

Take for instance, you live in a community of healthy conscious kind of people who have laws and orders regarding living a healthy lifestyle and straying away from harmful lifestyles that can be detrimental to one's life span.

On the brighter side, this community is always opened to accepting new immigrants into their clan as long as such a person is capable of reading the constitution of healthy living and abiding to all it says therein. On a side note, fulfilling all requirements in this clan constitution has a key of unlocking all perks the community has in store. Take for example: access to medicine, access to the gym, access to the hospital, access to healthy tips and living, access to healthy food and so on.

One day, a new immigrant who maybe paraventure joined this law abiding healthy community from nowhere or maybe from a resident within after sometime starts living an unhealthy lifestyle - which, from that moment became contrary to the laws therein and which I myself got to witness and gave enormous amount of warning to derail from such act as such deeds will get him in trouble but to no avail this stranger threw caution to the wind.

To deviate a bit, lemme just go straight to the point cos this is becoming a long talk, I didn't expect this scenario to consume much of my time but tell me - if it were you and the powers that be found this new immigrant guilty for doing something contradicting to what the laws says and gets punished for it? Will you, the person who went out of his way to caution such a person feel sympathy for them?



Or will you scold them harshly for failing to listen when you tried multiple times to save them?

Please someone should help me, I seriously need an answer to these questions because I just don't get. This has been the case with me since last night. I got entangled into an argument that rubbished me publicly. Honestly I don't understand why I should become a victim whenever I find myself in this situation. All of a sudden someone I call a friend will just brawl at me for scolding people who fail to heed to warnings or who do something unparliamentary or unacceptable. Why me? Why?

I am open to all response and advice. If anybody has anything to say on this issue, I will be more than happy to read and interact with you in the comment box.

Thanks for reading.

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Thanks guys.