The Gut Feeling

in BDCommunity9 months ago

Could the voice within lead me astray,
Giving me assurance without an off-day,
Offering me consult without pay,
But I still stand with the final decision
The defining Say.


You stand in complete confusion,
With choices leaving you in Disarray,
They hold you at bay,
To your definite Dismay.


Within you a voice offers its bit,
It dares you to disobey,
And pay no mind to what it has to say,
Daring you to go off its way,
Or take its opinion with no delay.


The voice holds true,
Going with or against the normal threshold,
Decisions taken, results unknown,
Your gut feeling remains proverbial gold.

Thanks for reading,
Have a splendid day folks.

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This piece is quite underrated as it's lovely and deep. So much rhythm and meaning, makes my heart sing "oh great is the art of poetry"

Indeed it is. Thank you for reading!