The Injustice Of Justice

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Everyone is avoiding me
Even my family
It seems this is my destiny
So I'll face it with audacity

I know what I did was right
So why do I feel like there no light
Like I am stuck in an eternal night
Like I fell from a great height

Why do I feel so guilty?
Why do I feel so filthy?
I don't feel very witty
Why do I feel so alone in this city

They think its my fault
That he was found in the vault
But truth is I didn't plot
I was just following my gut

I was so ashamed
That he carried my name
I didn't do it for fame
But for the creature in him to be tamed

He is my son
We had a lot of fun
When we played under the sun
We were disturbed by none

It was a painful day
When I had to say
Take him away
Crime doesn't pay

My wife left
Because he was giving a penalty
The judge said it with finality
His time was too lengthy.

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