The Intriguing World Of Shoes

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Shoes are an interesting item of fashion. They form the foundation of any attire worn by an individual. They provide a beautiful aesthetic for the feet. Shoes also regulate the feet's temperature and also protects it from harsh elements of weather. I believe every man should own good pairs of shoes.
There are several styles of men's shoes that come in different colours and silhouettes but I would like to talk about a few of them. These shoes to me should form the foundation of a man's collection of shoes. There are namely:

  • oxfords
  • derbies
  • loafers
  • monkstraps
  • sneakers


Oxfords are the most formal of the shoes listed. They have laces and eyelets( small holes through which the laces pass and is used to fasten the shoe). Oxfords have a closed lacing system I.e, the vamp( front part of the shoe) is sewn on the quarters( upper part of the shoe that extends from the side to the back of the shoe). It has a heel and it's sole is attached to the upper part of the shoe using either a Goodyear welt, Blake or Blake - rapid stitch construction. Oxfords come in the different styles such as the cap - toe, wingtip and austerity brogues to mention a few. Broguing are holes made on the shoes primarily for adornment.


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Derbies are less formal than the oxford. They have laces and eyelets. Derbies have an open and lacing system, that is, the quarters of the shoe is sewn on the vamp. It has a heel. It's upper and sole are joined to one another by using the Goodyear welt, Blake and Blake rapid stitch construction method. Derbies also have different styles such as plain toe, wing tips, long-wings and quarter brogue.


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A casual and versatile shoe, loafers are slip on shoes that are easy to wear and comfortable. It does not have laces and most times has a heel. The Goodyear welt, Blake and Blake rapid stitch methods of construction are usually used to join the upper and soles of loafers together. Loafers comes in different styles like the penny, horse-bit(Gucci) and tassel loafers to mention a few. Loafers define a fine transition from formal to casual shoes. A classic shoe men should have in their wardrobe.


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Monkstraps are shoes that have their origin traced to back to monks. It is less formal Tha the oxford and derby shoes. It has a strap(s) that goes across the vamp of the shoe and is fastened by a buckle. It has a heel but no laces. Monkstraps have their soles and uppers attached using either the Goodyear welted, Blake and Blake rapid stitch construction method. The monkstrap has different styles like the single, double and triple monkstraps.


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Sneakers are casual shoes and are really comfortable to wear. Sneakers are popular amongst youths. Sneakers have laces and sometimes have straps. Sneakers are made from different materials such as canvas, leather, suede and so on. Sneakers usually have their soles attached to their soles by glue but other construction methods such as the goodyear welt method can be used too. Sneakers comes in different styles such as high tops and low tops.


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Thanks for reading and happy new year my dear friends.


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