The Mysterious Woman

in BDCommunity6 months ago


You've spent so long in my dream,
I forget how much of a reality you truly are,
As distant as you might seem,
Your fragrance stands out as nature's theme.


Taking a casual walk downstream,
The day ushers you in,
The bright sun comes to a dim,
It's shine is nothing compared you agleam.


I know not your name,
I know little of your way,
But I feel we're just the same,
All we need is just light our flame.


Your beauty can't be hidden,
You might remain a mystery,
But our love is time's bidding,
And soon you shall become our love's kindling.

Thanks for reading,
Have a splendid day folks.

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this is beautiful ❤


Thank you

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Wowww 🙂

Thank you