The Trials Of Parenting. Trial 1.

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The Wails of a child.

My friend and I were having a conversation about the parenting life and she hits me with ; "So babe you must really miss taking care of your baby oo" she's an expectant mother already four (4) months gone.

In my mind, I was like MISS WHAT... 😂, I've had two kids of my own, a boy and a girl, and in both of those experiences, the joy of having a child was the only thing that kept me going.

I gave her a shrugged nod of the head with a mild smile, she laughed, I think she understood.


It's definitely not without good reason, let's start with one of the most annoying, THE CRYING; Oh lord, the ear shattering cries and screams, I got the fix on this one only on the second child, I learnt of the existence of a bib "basically something to suck on" , but hell did I suffer at the hands of my first child.

Imagine this, "You work as a customer care representative of a busy enterprise, as stressfilled as that already is, NOW you have to take along your baby to work" Now this is after the first six months of maternity leave, where I barely had any chance to rest, during this time I had to wake up 2am on multiple occasions, just to keep him from waking the entire neighbourhood, he must have had really huge lungs, cause he was loud.. And afterwards YOU have to get him drugs to help with the sore throat, my husband also chipped in when he could, but he definitely wasn't much of a baby's guy (he didn't have boobs), I got used to it at the time, but IT WAS NEVER EASY.

After surviving the first six months, I hoped he would have gotten to be less of a cry-baby, but NO, now he became a living car alarm.. Wawuu wawuuu all day long.

I had this incident at work where I was on a call with customer, then out of the blue my presumed sleeping baby screamed and got into a tantrum session, the whole CSR unit almost jumped out of their sits, the admin called my attention to their office, long story short; I was given an extended maternity leave, I've heard of mothers getting fired for incidents like this, I was just lucky my superiors were more empathetic with me.

So yeah he got me more free time, but home wasn't any easier, even at home, he screamed his lungs off for no reason, like MAN, WHY IN HEAVENS NAME ARE YOU CRYING THIS TIME?, this went on for two years, TWO LONG YEARS!, the worst part of the crying phase is; Not knowing why the baby's crying, it's just annoying.

It got better over the years and now I have a nine year old big boy on my couch getting rude with me.. Oh do I spank the hell out of him whenever he tries folding those arms. Sometimes I see myself having a little payback for all those sleepless nights.

Parenting is lovely, you just have to handle the good and the bad sides of it, just as anyone should handle any good relationship.

Thanks for reading,
Have a splendid day folks.

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