Voices In My Head

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Lately I have been feeling disconnected from blogging and more of redirecting my writing zest on here into playing games on splinterlands. I kind of enjoy the game and frankly speaking I won't deny that I'm not getting addicted to the game.

The mental energy needed is how I deploy my logical strategies in placing my cards unlike writing that requires much more but since some of my best friends in neoxian city has scolded me repeatedly for not writing - today, I have decided to share one of poem. This one is a dark theme. A refix to one of my previous piece - adding more creativity and darkness to it. I hope you enjoy it as you read.


Slipping in and out of your consciousness,
Covering your heart with darkness,
I fill you with worries and fears,
I leave you with scars and tears.

Whispering in your ears,
Nobody cares,
Even God just stares,
And does nothing to your never ending prayers.

I follow you into your nightmares,
Filling you with even more despairs,
I torture your mind beyond repairs,
I dig deeper than you could ever see,
While you live unawares.

I keep you in my snares,
As your last day slowly but surely nears,
Tell no one as you slip on those ropes,
Death is the only way, as life has taken all your hopes.

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Whispering in your ears,
Nobody cares,
Even God just stares..

I just think so about myself.

Days of despair.

I feel you with worries and fear
I leave you with scars and tears.

It seems like the evil speaking directly into ones head to let him know of the torment he had inflicted

Yup... Lol