Powering up my all remaining LEO's

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A few days ago I read two posts one of @bala41288 and the other one from @xabi. They both wrote on the same topic. I was wondering what is the Linear curation Curve. Then I had to peek on the LEOFinance Blog in order to clear my confusion,LEO Flat Curation Curve is Officially In Effect . So yep in the new update of Leo Flat Curation Curve is officially in Effect.

I never powered up my Leo but when Leo became the hot cake then I had to get serious about Leo. A few weeks ago there was a raffle draw in @mancave server. I purchased a few tickets to test my luck. When I looked at prizes the first thought came in my mind. If I got lucky I am going to chose Leo prize. And guess what with just 20 tickets I was super lucky and I won 3 times. My first prize was obviously LEO. I chose 750 LEO prize. I went ahead and powered up all my LEO I won in a raffle. Then I didn't decide I should take a screenshot and should make a post on this.

But when I read that post-Linear curation I decided to power up my all remaining Leo's in the response of Linear curation Curve. I totally loved the idea and I fully support it.



Now I have almost 2800 Leo Power. I will be more efficient and I'll try my level best to curate manually so I can achieve maximum fruitful results. I still regret those days when I used to sell my Leo's ehh, but you learn over time. All thanks to @raymondspeaks who gave me an idea to buy some LEOM so I can mine some Leo. I have only 30LEOM and I get 1.something leos once in a while :P XD. LEO miners don't work as they should but it is what it is. I am happy the most recent bug and getting printed lots of fake LEOS couldn't damage Leo stability. I see potential in this coin. My favourite coins doing great so I am extremely happy yaaay.


That's awesome, congratulations on winning the raffles. I think you did the right thing powering up. LEO looks very, very promising, even with the most recent setback, or hack, it still is going strong.

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Well done!

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