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RE: Photochain Challenge: 109th Edition Start - 108th Edition's Winners

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PS. my photo looks like it was specially taken according to the given keywords (it has a plane, and two posts: a lamppost, and a pillar that support this soviet vintage jet airplane). but it was not! I just had this photo taken this summer in a local park, hehe. I hope this one will shape the current block, and provide a trajectory for the next images.


Yours is a perfect entry and I think a very nice image. Thank you to join again Qwerrie. As usual, a big good luck and a little bit of !WINE and !BEER :)

Nolo conterdere! ...and a tasty hot !PIZZA back, sadly I have no wine but !BEER

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Hey @qwerrie, here is a little bit of BEER from @davidesimoncini for you. Enjoy it!

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