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Hello, awesome Hivers, alphabet hunters, and #feelgood community!

Gosh... time sure flies! It is Thursday once again and the start of a new alphabet hunting week hosted @barbara-orenya. It is an absolutely fun challenge to do, and this time it is #alphabethunt Letter P.

And Here we go!

1️⃣ Palm Tree

There are four bridges to access San Francisco: the famous Golden Gate Bridge from the north, the Dumbarton Bridge and the San Mateo Bridge from the south, and the Bay Bridge from the east. I have crossed the Bay Bridge to San Francisco countless times in my lifetime. Some years ago, Golden Palm trees were planted along the new eastern span of the Bay Bridge. Here is a video snippet of a time I crossed the San Francisco Bay Bridge showing the palm trees on the left.

[//]:# (!pinmapple 37.821339 lat -122.334287 long d3scr)

2️⃣ Post Office, Parking lot, Postal Clerk, Parcel

The other day, I had to make a trip to the Post Office. It was 100 degrees outside, and so I was glad that the parking lot is shaded with trees. One of the postal clerks was loading the postal truck, and waved at me with a parcel in his hand.

I bought some stamps using the self-service machine. I love patriotic stamps. Forever Stamps cost 55 cents today.

3️⃣ Pantry

A pantry is a large cupboard in your kitchen where you store food that does not need to be kept cold in a refrigerator. I have a walk-in pantry and use one portion of the over-the-counter cabinets for pantry items that I use frequently for cooking and baking such as paprika, red crushed pepper, peppercorns, pure vanilla, and many others.

4️⃣ Peel, Peeler, Peeled

The outermost layer of fruit or vegetables is called the peel. You can peel anything that has a removable outer layer, not just food, but the term is most often used in relation to fruit and vegetables.

A peeler is a device used for removing the outside layer, or peel, of fruit and vegetables. There are many different designs of peeler available. Most have a handle and a double-sided blade that can flex.

Something is peeled if it has had its peel or skin removed. Peeled is also the past tense of peel.

5️⃣ Panda

[Scientific name: ailuropoda melanoleuca]

The giant panda is a large, black and white animal native to China. It is a kind of bear. Pandas can weigh around 100kg. Pandas eat almost entirely bamboo, but will sometimes eat fish or eggs if they find them.

The Panda is depicted in China's Bullion coin in both gold and silver. Below is the 2020 China Silver Coin.

6️⃣ Pearl

Pearls are made inside the shells of mollusks like clams and oysters. They are usually round and have a soft, translucent glow to them. Pearls have been made into jewelry for thousands of years.

I love pearls and thus have a few pieces that I use often. My Holy Rosary is made of seed pearls and my traveling rosary are freshwater pearls. A favorite earring of mine is a pair of drop pearls which I oftentimes wear with my South Sea pearl necklace to church. My everyday bracelet has drop pearl charms. Another favorite is a bracelet made of grey Mabe pearls.

😍 #ilikeitalot!😍

There you have it, my friends! My selection of SIX words starting with the letter P for this week's #alphabethunt. I hope that you enjoyed this article as much as I had fun putting it together.
Thank you to @barbara-orenya for hosting this fun challenge!

This post is also my entry to the weekly challenge SHOW US YOUR CALIFORNIA - Week 20 by @thesocalhive.

All photos, gif and videos were taken by me using my iPhone6 unless specified otherwise.


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Good post and well organized pantry! 😎

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I use so much stuff and ingredients for cooking If I don't organize it, then I won't find anything!
Have a great evening, @brian.rrr and take care 🥰🌺🤙
Oh, BTW, do you know that you were mentioned here... https://peakd.com/hive-114105/@stever82/my-five-for-thriveonhive-stever82

Excellent P choices even if way ahead of the hunt. Barbara is taking a break and holding off on the Ps until Aug 27.

You have a well stocked pantry and I love the Panda coin.

The rosary and peals are lovely.

I appreciate you, @redheadpei, for taking the time to view and comment on this article, even when I am too early! I think then that I will have to do other P's for August, lol!
Hehehe, too much I think sometimes... but I am a prepper, so in addition to a walk in pantry in my kitchen, but also a larger pantry, a second refrigerator and a freezer in the garage too. I've seen panties of friends that are like... they can have a store in the garage, LOL!
Have a lovely evening, my friend @redheadpei, and take care 🥰🌺🤙

Those palm trees look beautiful @silversaver888, but 100 degrees..that's hot!!!
I guess Living in the Northwest has made me soft Lol!😇😅
I love the Rosary's, do you get them blessed, I remember as a kid in grade school how special this was when everyone got their first Rosary!!
Have a good evening my friend!!😍😍😀

I think I mentioned these Palm trees in a comment on one of your articles with the Palm tree, and remembered that I did as I was writing this article, but I may be mistaken.
Yes... everything that I have in this house that as sacramentals... I had them blessed... including the hand poured silver medallion made by a community pourer, and Mene gold pendants that are symbols of Christianity. I have wonderful memories of when I received my first rosary... from my Mom's mom!
Have a wonderful weekend ahead, and take care, my friend @silvertop 🥰🌺🤙

Thats very special that you received your first rosary from your Grandmother @silversaver888, a very precious gift, one to be treasured!!😀
I can picture the fan Palm trees that were at the auto dealership, that I posted a while back....I still wonder how they Survive the winter up here??
I hope you have a wonderful evening my friend!!😍😍😀

Pieces of Eight, like these Daniel Carr designed Atocha 8 Reals replica coins made in 0.999 Fine silver with a tiny percentage of silver from the silver recovered from the Atocha wreck found south off the Florida keys. Some of the pride and joy for me to have in my Pirate treasure collection.


Pirate Sister, you know my Pirate alter Ego as the Bloody Raven so I like to hang around other Pirates and talk about gold and silver treasure at #silvergoldstackers.
September 19th will be "Talk like a Pirate day."
Always, with love... ☠ 🦜 🌺 💝 🌹 💓 🌸 🌼

And this one has all that I love... a mermaid, a turtle, and a starfish on an Atocha 8 reales!!!!

It will likewise be a pride and joy for me to get this!
Luv ya always sis, @kerrislravenhill! Take care 🥰🌺🤙. Lots of love💓💝 and a million and one Hugs and Kisses 🤗💕💋!

😮 Oh so pretty...

I know, right! I wish I could afford it. It has all my favorite sea things @kerrislarenhill !!! Urrrgh!😢
The thing is seller sent me a great offer to buy the piece... still... I can't afford it 😭

Congratulations @silversaver888, your post won 1st prize in this weeks Show us Your California contest!!

THANK YOU, @thesocalhive! I apologize... I know I have replied to this comment. But as I am not using engage, I see that I missed this one. THANKS again for everything that you do to promote beautiful and sunny CALIFORNIA! 🥰🌺🤙

Great job @silversaver, I love your pictures.

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Likewise, @isabelpena! I enjoy reading your articles and viewing the photos you post! How are you doing?
Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate you.Have a lovely week ahead, and take care, my friend 🥰🌺🤙

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Lol , a bit early very nice choice of "P" but you can always post it again later this month or maybe do a new one there are lots of "P' words 😅

Have a great weekend @silversaver88 😊

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I know right? Hmmm... I think that I will use the same one, hehehe! By the time we get to the end of August, I am sure you have forgotten about this post already... it will be like something new again, LOL!!!
Have a beautiful Sunday, my friend @kohsamui99, and take care🥰🌺🤙.

Yep you are right people would have forgotten about it so yeah just re-use it again 👍

It's ugly Monday again and another week has started for me but had a great weekend 😊

Hmmmmm.... may I know why it id Ugly Monday, @kohsamui99? Perhaps you should start a tag: #uglymonday 😀

Haha , not a bad idea @uglymonday sounds good , we in our country had Monday's because it means the weekend is over and another long week starting so we hate Monday's thus we call it ugly Monday 😂

Oh, ohhhh.... because mine is... YAY!!! It is Monday!!! LOL 😂

I think everyone around the world hate Monday 😅 😅

what a real cool selection of P shots, sorry I have been absent for so long but trying to get back into the swing of things on here ;)

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I am so, so glad to see you back! I bet you were so busy...like wonderfully busy with your move!
I am looking forward to seeing some of your new surroundings during your daily morning walks! But no pressure... take you time getting back to the swing of things. You probably already know that YOU are so missed by lots of people, including me, if course!
Enjoy the weekend, my dear friend @tattoodjay, and take care 🥰🌺🤙

thanks I am glad to be back finally and am doing well, as for the weekend now for me every day is the weekend LOL

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Thanks, @goldrooster! I appreciate your comment!
Have a wonderful weekend, my friend. Are you biking anywhere this weekend?
Take care 🥰🌺🤙

Looks like a P-erfect post with P-erfect examples of the letter P! I hope you had a P-retty fantastic day, sis! Take care!🤗😘💕🌸

... and you have been a P-erfect sis to me, @elizabethbit! Luv ya always!
Have a beautiful weekend, my lovely sis! Take care 🥰🌺🤙, lots of love and hugs💕😘🤗

I am Familiar as You know Late Nights at the KIOSK........ @silversaver888

In truth, this was the first time I used the kiosk. I always buy my stamps via the counter, because most of the clerks are now more than acquaintances (since I made them a cake, hehehe). I think that the kiosk is a great convenience to many!
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, @stokjockey! Have a lovely weekend, and take care 🥰🌺🤙

I will send Tracking Later Tonight

I received it, @stokjockey 👍👍👍!!!! And as always, I am thrilled😄 to see what it is that I ordered because I have forgotten what they were already!
Thanks again, my dear friend! and Take care 🥰🌺🤙

Make Me Happy Young Lady and Share Your New Silver With Us...Much Love to You @silversaver888

Slow but sure.. three to go plus one!

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seems this post is missing the #alphabethunt tag, huh?..

Hehehe, I was several weeks early to post this article! I may have to do it again on August 27! How are you doing, @qwerrie? I hope your weekend was good and wishing you a much better week ahead!
Take care, my dear! 🥰🌺🤙

yes, Barbara decided to take holidays from Hive, and we have a little break from this challenge.

things were a bit messy for me - as soon as I moved to my countryside place, my Canon 5D camera stopped working. it turned out the part needed to be repaired, was not complex or expensive, but all these two months I was deprived of my camera. Eventually I returned back to town and fixed the camera (had my Hive activity on pause during that week). And yesterday I successfully tested it on mushrooms. Recently there appeared a lot of fresh shrooms around (some are edibles, some are not!) - so I am quite busy and happy, picking up and taking pics!
So, it was very tense and fruitful week... I also started my comments to your O-stuff post, but didnt finish it tonight. Maybe tomorrow will do. See you!

It must be awesome to live in the countryside. Where I live now is very much like the countryside too, compared to my former cities of residence. And I am loving it!
I don't have a camera-camera, and only use my iPhone to take photos. I've got to check out your articles now that you are back, my friend @qwerrie! I shall see you very soon, just as soon as I am done responding to comments.
I now only discovered engage, and realized that I have 97 comments to reply to! This app is amazing!
Take care, my friend, and see you later today 🥰🌺🤙

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thats a nice app! tho I dont use it (I am on eSteem surfer, now rebranded to Eccency)


See how useful this app is... I found that I have not replied to this comment of yours, @qwerrie. But better late than never, right?
Take care, my friend 🥰🌺🤙

I am glad that you like it as much as I do. Guess what... I have silver rosary! I've got to show it one of these days as a special sharing on SGS!
Have a wonderful weekend ahead, my friend @handofzara, and take care 🥰🌺🤙

You will have to share that silver rosary. I used to have some very nice rosaries but I kept breaking them with worry and use. I only have one nice one made of olive wood and the rest are plastic which I have yet to break..

I promise that I will add that silver rosary on the queue. IN fact, two weeks after letter P on Aug 27 (I was several weeks early on this post) is letter R... and I shall dedicate that R for Rosary to you❤️, my dear friend @handofzara, and will make sure that I tag you!
Have a lovely week, and take care 🥰🌺🤙

Your post is great as always, dear @silversaver888, and you have found good words with lots of information 😊

I love your cool animations 😁

I'm sorry, but there's something you should know, if you don't mind: your post is 3 weeks to early, because we take a break till August 27 😉

Cheers and !BEER

Hahaha... I am either too slow or too fast... story of my life! Thank you for sincerely following me and stopping by even when I made a mistake. I appreciate you and @redheadpei from the Feel Good community to come just the same to view this article.
Have a wonderful weekend, my friend @johannpiber, and take care 🥰🌺🤙

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Haha, I have just explained in another reply that I informed you about the #AlphabetHunt break to avoid complaints from you 🤣 lol

The question is, will you use the same words again for the P hunt or search new ones 😉

Thank you so much and have a wonderful weekend too, dear @silversaver888 🌞

Cheers and !BEER

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Thank you so much @silversaver888 😁

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