Worldbuilding Weekend Prompt #71 - Mercy Killing

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Welcome to the next in an ongoing series of writing prompts in the Worldbuilding community !

I'm aiming to post one of these each Sunday. They aren't a replacement for the excellent daily prompts from @worldbuilding they're just an extra opportunity if you have a writing itch you want to scratch. 😀

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The prompt this week is - Mercy Killing

Many cultures both past and present have carried out mercy killings. The Spartans exposed babies thought to be frail or deformed at the foot of Mount Taygetos. Throughout history, the seriously wounded have been killed on the battlefield to save them a slower painful death or trying to live as a cripple. Even nowadays, the terminally ill are in some cases medicated to "help" the process along. It's always a difficult and controversial subject.

Write me a story about mercy killings in your setting ! Is it a public and honourable thing, or carried out in secret or by stealth ? Who does it, why, when and how ? Do those being put out of their misery get any choices in the matter ? Does the society doing it consider it part of the natural order of things. or an abomination with those who do it deserving punishment ?

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I stole these guidelines straight from @worldbuilding prompts (I hope that's okay !), I couldn't have written them any better myself....

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For real bro, the idea of mercy killing is so intense and thought-provoking. How a society views and handles it really says a lot about their values and beliefs. Can't wait to read the stories people come up with and I've got a long series about Web 3 otherwise I would have worked on this... I'll see if I can fit it in this week 🤔

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Thank you! It's an awesome story 😁 I like the ones where things go pear shaped and not at all to plan, it's a way of seeing what the characters are made of.

Leaving them to a fate worse than death is any better? Gnosians aren't known for their hospitality.

If that is the case, then the mercy killing will be merciful to them.

Well I know I say the prize is an SBI for each of the two best entries, but this time around we had the rarity of three responses, and they were all good, so I broke my own rule and sent an SBI to each of you 😁

Well done @oblivioncubed, @killerwot and @walindo !

Thanks for your kindness!