Entry for the Worldbuilding Prompt #447- Insomnia

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Fine ladies and gentlemen, I'm proud to present my first entry to the Worldbuilding Prompt #447- Insomnia.

Weekly Topic: Sleep
Insomnia grips a group of people (town, ship, country, etc) - how do they handle it? What lengths do they go to in an attempt to sleep? What's causing it?


"You said the same thing hours ago, Scott. I still don't see the bay anywhere. It's just this endless realm of clouds."

The man behind the steering wheel kept his eye on the horizon. There was something focused and determined about his demeanor.

"No need to worry, darling," he said reassuringly. "I'll get us there, you'll see."

"That's what I'm worried about," said the woman and sat down on a piece of cloud then rolling a ray of moonlight between her fingers, she began to smoke the heavy clouds.

"Does it not seem strange to you?" she said.

"What's that, honey?"

"All these clouds," she said with a sweep of her arm. "Aren't vessels supposed to float on water? I've never heard of cloud-faring vessels."

"You know, I've never really given it much thought."

"If we're on a cloud," she continued, "how will we ever get to the port?"

"We'll just have to descend I suppose."

"That's what I mean! Does it not strike you as odd that we're floating on a cloud?"

"You know, I've never really given it much thought."

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Fantastic scene! Great work. It raises so many questions! Foremost, what does smoking a cloud taste like?!


what does smoking a cloud taste like?!

Great question. I don't know the answer, but I think you have to be really high to enjoy it 😄

LMAO ! Best. Answer. Ever.
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