Survival vs Passion: What Is The Right Choice?

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A few months ago, I had a big plan to follow my passion; the goal was to move from my state to the "somewhat" music capital of my country and create a career; The word "create" is very intentional. In fact, I had the whole plan of auditioning, singing for free, and all that because, at that time, I felt like I loved music enough, and that was all that mattered.

Well, In case you want to know if I did; SPOILER, I didn't, and I had a few reasons why I didn't, from everyone being against it to feeling inadequate to chase such a big dream, but, anyway, I gave up on taking such a big step and decided to work on myself, grow with threespeak and make sure that I was doing the right thing; the end!!! Or is it?

I do wish it was that easy, but it wasn't, and while I was trying to work on myself, a job that I had wanted for the past two years came up, and that screwed everything because I couldn't keep up due to the stress and the depression that came with this new job.

It got so bad even that I couldn't even sing because I didn't listen to music; I didn't just have the time to, which is crazy, and this meant I was giving up on my passion for a job; to survive, and I wasn't even sure I wanted the job even though I needed it.

Anyways, the lack of music meant that I wasn't getting INSPIRED and thinking about this now makes me feel like the lack of music might have provoked the depression; currently undergoing therapy because of how bad it was, but that is a tale for some other day.

For months I had chosen SURVIVAL which made everything suffer, including my hive, but fate had better plans. On a random day, I stumbled upon my threespeak account and watching the videos there felt weird, like it was a lifetime ago, like it wasn't me. You know when you take a view into your past and realise that it wasn't as bad as you felt? That was how I felt at that moment, and I decided immediately after that a balance was needed and SURVIVAL couldn't be the only choice.


While, as humans, we need to chase survival because it's a big part of our nature, we also need to fuel our passion, and in most cases, one without the other is a recipe for disaster, but how can a balance be found?

Personally, in my case, my goal is to be INTENTIONAL and intentionality to me means scheduling, pushing myself and trying my best to keep up.

I am currently trying to figure out a schedule that would balance out PASSION AND SURVIVAL; it isn't the easiest thing, and I don't think I can jump on it easily, but it is worth it trying.

Anyway, I haven't written in a while, and I feel like this is just me rambling; generally my head feels like this so, I guess that's what I have to offer.

My goal coming back is just sharing my thoughts and following my passion and this might be way better now that I can SURVIVE regardless, if that makes sense.

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I was wondering where have you been. ☺️Well, a job is needed for survival. Though a job that causes depression is maybe not the best option... we can't choose always. But we can try to do our job with passion, so that's already a kind of balance ;) A fusion of survival and passion.
But your plan also sounds well, if writing and sharing your thoughts makes you happy, you will definitely find time for that 🍀
Welcome back @khaleesii 🎶

I just couldn't keep up so I had to leave, also the job is way better now; we had a training that did more damage than good and also thank you for the welcome back, hopefully I can keep up

Adulting is kicking your ass 😆 Welcome back!

😆 it really is

Awwn, it's truly been a long while but it's a good thing to see you fight your way here today and hopefully more days to come.

I think I was able to understand a little episode if what you are going through right now and I think at some point I had to shout LIFE IS CRUEL!!! Because that was how I felt. I was doing something that I needed but I don't want and it just feels crazy to me but then I realized that I was moving too fast and had to take things slowly.

Most times it's not how far but how well and I think we mostly miss it at this point, yes we need to survive just as we need to keep our passion going but we have to go one step at a time so we can balance things up and not rush one at some point.

Doing what makes us happy is key but the finding happiness in what matters is the master key.

Welcome back Queen, I hope to see you sharing your music with us as you always do.

Happy new year 🥰

Trying to find a balance to be happy and survive at the same time, it is a bit hard and I hope I can keep up.

My head generally is in shambles but eventually it will all work out.

Glad to be back, hope I can stay long enough, also how have you been!

I'm not sure if you can stay for too long but for the few time you can be here just have fun as you always do.

I'm doing fine, still struggling with balancing things up, hehe

Yay! 🤗
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All you've written are related, I think that's just part of life.
I like the fact that you mention the word 'intentional'.
One can not just be living a life based on whatever comes.

In addition, everything we do in life requires balance.

It's just like saying; "Please yourself and please others."
That balance is necessary for you to enjoy a smooth ride in like.

Just keep doing you, you are doing great and just fine.

I think the challenge is to find a way to create amid the efforts to survive because the simple fact of creating is something so empowering, it is food for the soul. And while it is true that the body needs to be fed, the soul is never detached from the body. This is the tongue twister I have to tell you from my modest survival. Here where I live things are terrible, but I do not stop creating. No matter what it costs me. I know that in the end, I will be well rewarded.


Well this is true and I am slowly figuring out how I can do that.

😊 Welcome Back

Not exactly lol