The voice of Angels

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The youth choir from Norway, Vivace, arrived in Spain last week. They are still here, as they stay in our little town but they are moving around in the region and have concerts. I happened to meet them on Saturday, at the concert where I also played, but with my choir. We played just a few songs, to start this beautiful concert that was held in the church. The acoustic for the singers is the best in churches, that's why it is chosen as the perfect venue for this event.

I knew that they were good, but hearing them in person exceeded all my expectations. About a month ago, the director of my choir said that some young people will come from Norway to sing here so we could make a concert together. I accepted to accompany my people, as I always do. However, I was not aware of HOW good this youth choir is! Angels singing, this was the association of all of us who listened to them.

Before we started the concert, one lady said a few words about them, both in Norwegian and Spanish language. So, the youngest member is eleven and the oldest is nineteen years old. Their voices are still bright, innocent, shining all around. They won the first prize in the Norwegian choir championship last year! For the past several years, they are performing with professional musicians and in 2016 they recorded a CD with Christmas music. I bet it sounds great.


But how they sounded this Saturday, in the church of the Holy Spirit is something you can check out in this post. I made several recordings, as they sang a lot of songs. Many beautiful songs, performed in perfection. I had to cut down and omit some recorded songs, as the video would be too long, so just two songs are coming to hive. Did I say that I was amazed by them? :D Well, you can also check out and have your opinion, maybe it was just my subjective feeling, but believe me, I listened to our performance too, and... well... let's just say these young people rock!

Also, the people who lead them are great, as it is not just having good voices to be successful. A good teacher and director are needed to guide the children and shape the music. So this youth choir, Vivace is conducted by Siv Anette Lorentzen, and the pianist who plays with them is Bjørn Alexander Bratsberg. So nice people, and doing their work very well.

Also to mention, this event was a charity concert as all the raised money from the tickets was donated to Ukrainian families who arrived in this town fleeing the war. Nice gesture and beautiful angel voices!! But, maybe you have a different opinion after listening to this short excerpt from the concert. I say short, as there were twenty songs they performed in total. An honour for me to be there and enjoy that sound. Hope at least a bit of that feeling you can receive here :)

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You're lucky to have experienced this miracle. Sitting in front of these angels and listening to this divine music must have been an experience to remember for life. Lucky you and thanks for giving us the possibility to be part of it.

Yes, we have been lucky to listen to them... we were just in awe listening to them. Someone recorded our performance too from the same concert, but I assure you, after publishing these angelic voices I will think twice would I public our playing/singing 😂

Thank You for listening and being the audience 😇

A very disciplined and impressive choir performance. The harmony of the voices and their resonance are also tremendous.

Oh, you found a good word - disciplined. And still young voices that can be shaped so nicely. Thanks for your feedback @veliozdemiroglu :)

Angelic voices.
Wow the oldest is 19? Those are pure talents up there.

I thought you were the one behind the piano then I read you played for your choir instead, I’d love to hear that part thought. That is if it was recorded.
Lovely post too 😇

They are talents with angelic voices, yes, that's true:))

I played with my choir in the beginning of the concert and then this choir continued. Maybe you will hear us too :)) as yesterday someone sent me the videos where we play 🎶😇

That’s great news! I’ll be anticipating 💃🏻

Thank you :)
Not promising it will be these days, but it will come 🎶

Aw wow! Angelic!:) I love hearing choirs, it's such a mesmerizing and meditative experience! You can really feel the soothing energy! Great to hear that it was all for a good cause too :)

If the choir is good, singing clearly and in harmony, then the feeling is indeed mesmerizing. And it was the case with these young people :))

Reminds me of a scene in sound of music, this is beautiful, absolutely.

Hmm, maybe they escaped from the movie:D

Such kind people, and also singing so well. I also felt that it was beautiful 😍

Maybe they did, it is truly beautiful, some people are blessed.

We are all blessed somehow 😇🎶

That is true, there is always a talent.

So many wishes I made for characters to jump out of the TV.
These ones sure did.

hahaha, maybe :) 🎶🎶🎶

Wow! They sound indeed like Angels. This sound alone has made me happy this morning. Am sure it will take me the rest of the day, hahaha.

The acoustic of the church is indeed marvellous, I could hear every harmony, making the output very wonderful.
Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful experience with us!

Thank You for listening to these angels @magicfingerz :))

They made me happy too on Saturday, and it is great that the happiness is extended to other days and other people too 😇

They sang beautifully.. and I didn't even need to understand the language to enjoy the music. Such mystery.

The language is strange for me too, I don't speak Norwegian, but the voice is the important feature here. They touched our souls, with their voice!

And now you made them touch mine too.. 😊😅


These voices are beyond beautiful..

I've always adored classical music.
Sometimes I wish I could perform classical music.