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Hania Rani is a new discovery for me!! A Polish pianist, Hanna Maria Raniszewska, knocked me off my feet in just a few moments. It didn't take me long to listen to her video, she won my attention and my eyes were wide open. Better said, ears, because although watching her is a beautiful sight, she is adorned with a special beauty, what shook everything in me is the sound of her piano I heard. Can it be possible? What was so different I experienced in this case of Hania?
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The piano is an essential part of my life, it is not just a hobby for me; It is not just my profession; The piano plays a vital role in my life. I deal with music and all piano stuff every day, vacation or not, I mean every single day. Someone could ask how I am not bored, or why I have a ton of music scores, both in digital form and printed form. Even it sometimes leads to discussions like: Do you really need all of those piano books and scores that take up so much space in the apartment? You don't have to think too much to know my answer to that question, but the other question is still here, why this Hania and her piano playing caught my attention?

The sound produced a chain reaction of unconscious memories. The sound of that wooden piano, which she plays, with its clicking sound of the mechanics of the piano. In her video, it was recorded with two additional microphones, if I see well, to emphasize that feature. In fact, that sound when you play, you don't hear that much. But you can hear if your piano is old, and that mechanism and the joints of the hammers are already worn out and wobbly. Also, if the hammers have been used for so many years, and the felt on them that hits the wire is thin. I had several of those upright pianos during my childhood, but the very first piano I had was actually my mom's grand piano. She and her sister played as young but were not persistent and didn't study the subject when were older. So the big, grand piano came with my mother when she got married almost as a decoration. A decoration that takes half of a room. The piano was there, nobody played on it for years until I in mini version started to experiment a bit. It was on an old, Viennese-built piano, meaning it was made entirely of wood. The pianos of the English branch had a metal frame and were more durable. Viennese pianos were soft, and could not withstand the burden of years. Although that piano of mine was over a hundred years old because my mom got it like an already old piano, I loved it. It couldn’t be tuned anymore, and there was no help for it, but I never let it sell. Even though I left that house, and finished my studies, the piano was still in my parents’ house. But I had to realize that the space it was taking away was needed, and so it happened that my parents gave it away. (My fault, as I just didn't let them sell it). I didn’t attend that event, when it was taken, maybe that’s better. It's gone now, and only the memories are there, which Hania has awakened.

source YouTube

But that’s not the end of the story of why Hania left such an impression on me. Listening to and watching her video was a ticket to the time machine to bring me to my middle and later student years. I went to a bigger city to live alone when I was less than fifteen. Of course, when I was free some weekends and when we could afford it, I would travel home. But that was the biggest change that came until that point in my life. I was alone. I remember that many times I was wandering in the city in the evenings. Now, I can ask myself what I was thinking, wandering alone in a new, big city, without a goal, just like that. It was a mixture of loneliness and happiness, I assume. Of new discoveries probably. Like Hania in her video, wandering without a purpose, unaccompanied, but I can see some smiles on her face.

But that is more than enough of me, what about this pianist? Although you can find the information on wikipedia who she is, just shortly to mention, she is classically trained, in Warshaw, at Fryderyk Chopin University of Music. No wonder she plays the piano so well, with grace and details all classical pianists should develop. Her style is mixed. She creates experimental music, a mixture of classical, Polish music and Icelandic music, but the fact that even more excited me is that the composers that influenced her were: Yann Tiersen, Nils Frahm and Ólafur Arnalds. That Nils, that was brought here recently in THIS POST and in the response to it here.
Well, Yann Tiersen is so famous, maybe we even don't have to mention him, but Ólafur Arnalds was a new name for me until yesterday. He crossed my discoveries while listening to Hania, and I was again so positively touched. So, don't be surprised if one of the next posts will be dedicated to him.

Don't hesitate to check out more from Hania Rani :


Have you had situations like me these days, to discover a new person, music, or anything else that can motivate you, change your flow of thoughts? Bring you back through memories of the past, or somewhere else?

If so, and you want to share your thoughts, the comment section of this post will be gladly read by me and supported. Sending just the best vibes to all of you who made it until here. Hope you enjoyed the beauty of this music, composition Glass, from her solo album Esja, Gondwana Records.


Wow... That piece is so nice and soft.

I left PL when I was 20 and was discovering the new city on my own too. I preferred it that way. My way :)
Often coming back home at night.. when streets were already empty and shiny from the rain. Pretty awesome!

The views of this video of her must rocketed until now :) as I listened to it countless times from Sunday until now, and seeing that others like it too makes me happy :)

Your "My way" for discoveries is always the best way, yes. Maybe we can have some hint from here and there, or receive some suggestions, but a real discovery has to come from our curiosity and our choices what to see, hear; where to go; what to try.

Love the scenery you described, empty streets and shiny from rain!! That's the real thing!

Oh yeah cool she has a very percussive style, it almost has waves of intensity.

Glad you manage to enjoy some new music, and that it brought you back some precious memories! In general I am trying to stay away from too much music, I know it sounds crazy but I get so easily distracted, that I don't want to "pollute" my head with unnecessary melodies (my head is filled with those). Especially when I am supposed to compose and write.


Percussive, but soft. Like some kind of a softened, modern language talking Bach piece, but with a great focus on dynamic range, from silence to intense waves.

Yes, the search started spontaneously. From that other pianist. And as you may know notice that YouTube is playing in the background while I am doing other stuff or writing, heheh, and your videos come always, I enjoy them. But, then I wanted to do a new list, just chilling, mainly instrumental music, I started to listen to videos that came related to the mentioned Nils pianist. Many new discoveries came, not just piano players that experiment with sound. There is a group of musicians from South France , Aix-en-Provence, that I like now, something new for me that I still have to do a better research and listening mode :)

Lots of awesome musicians around Aix. You know your stuff haha.

I know some great ones around Toulouse too :D

What a wonderful piece!

Yes, it is absolutely beautiful 💙

something beautiful.
the background noise reminded me a bit like sparks in fire.
or the crackle of an old tape, black and white film..

what a unusual melody and your fond memories.
I had shivers.

Oh, sparks of fire, that is a beautiful comparison ✨ also the old film feeling, hm, yes. Hania definitely leaves nice impact, how cool that everyone can relate it with something different. That's a good thing, not let us indifferent. Someone can play perfectly and perform extremely hard pieces, and make zero impact on us. The connection is missing then.
Unusual composition, for sure, but which makes some difference in the ocean of so many musicians out there nowadays. I am happy you listened to her 💚

when we are talking about musically sensitive Polish women, do you know a girl named Julia Pietrucha? She doesn't play the piano (she plays the ukulele :),
but these girls have something special in common.

I haven't heard about Julia Pietrucha, but it is an interesting sharing. Looked her other songs in youtube right now, pretty and sweet, different as well, and one quality I can notice, both Julia and Hania can sing very well in English and make nice videos and have international fame. I suppose many other Polish musicians, but what I am wondering now is that I don't know about any Hungarian one that is making a similar thing hahaha. I will have to do a bit of research in that field :)
I gave myself homework now 🤣

YESSSZZZ... this piece you shared of Hania is definitely something I immediately bookmarked in my Spotify the moment you mentioned her to me off-chain! I still have to listen with proper speakers and/or headphones, but even with my laptop speakers, her sound and playing find their way to my heart. A GREAT discovery!

You reminded me I need to spend some time again to go to music discovery mode. Comes and goes in waves in my life. Now am at the bottom of the wave, ie not so much listening to new music. Soon, the wave is going up, am pretty sure :)

Yes, the headphones will work best for this composition. Not just because of the clicking sound, but because of the waves in the intensity with which she plays. Absolutely beautiful and subtle interpretation, apart from the fact that the composition is also extraordinary. So glad you liked it and it made a way to you and all of people here who were able to recognize the beauty of her creativity. 💙

If you don't mind, I will share here one another song, Home. Although she sings in this one, but listen to the piano pattern, this one indeed reminds of Nils with repetition patterns and chord structure.

A beautiful piece also. She can sing as well... weehoo :)
I do prefer the none vocal compositions, but her voice is a nice additional instrument

Seems that she can :)

If you would have time, I would send also a song I like that she plays with a cellist friend of her. But, knowing the opposite, I will leave the Hania topic for now at this point :)

Really interesting sound engineering to bring the sound of the keys in the foreground and leave the piano sound in the back. And I say sound of keys instead of noise cause it blended nicely with the song, obviously helped by the fact that it was rhythmically destined to be perfect. Nice piece.

Indeed, great sound engineering, of course with people who did a great job here. I agree, it blended perfectly with the song, even I consider it almost as an additional instrument, as anything that produces sound can be considered as a musical instrument, right? Glad you liked the piece @orestistrips 😇 🎶

That's a nice finding! Definitely worth listening to and different than usual...

I have picked this post on behalf of the @OurPick project and it will be highlighted in the next post!

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Thanks for the pick!
I am glad you liked it, more of interesting and completely different music will come :)

Already saved in my new YouTube list :)

Love being able to delve into your musical life with these blogs. Really really well done. Keep up the good work yo!

I am glad you like the dynamic of hive. Which is more blogging then video platform, so waiting for some nice writing from you too :)

Foe example, we are now in QSounds community. It is not just a music channel, it is about stories, experiences, thoughts, anything that has a bit more of a personal touch. Can be musical magic too :)) Or magical music :D You can see in the description section what about is this community, at the moment small, but it doesn't matter. It is anyway a very nice corner to be!
So, if you have your story or experience, that you think can fit here and you want to share it with us, you are very welcome @jin-out ! 😇

Ahh so HIVE is more for bloggers. Damn.

I used to blog a lot, but found it easier to do videos. I may just have to reinvigorate myself to do some writing then...but it's good to find a platform where people love to read these days. Very surprising.

Thanks for the heads up!

Hahaha, I am pretty sure you would not have a problem to write :))

Even more, if you say you used to blog a lot. So, you have thoughts, a lot of them, as we can see. You have that ability, to lead your thoughts , just transform them intro written words.

Yeah, there are still people who love to read, to write and talk a lot, as you see 😅

You not only have a journey into the past, you also have nostalgia ... I think or feel ...

After the death of my father, I brought his balalaika to Cyprus.
I do not know how to play any musical instrument, but this balalaika is dear to me.
Dad also played the accordion, unfortunately I couldn't bring it and I'm still very sorry ...
So I understand you!

I remember you mentioned once this balalaika from your father, that is nice that at least you brought it with you to Cyprus. 💙
The memories to our childhood and family, to the instruments or objects we had is a nice way not to let those valuable things just disappear. Maybe it brings a bit of nostalgy, but I think happiness too, as we have this feature of memories ;)

I agree with you completely!
Nostalgia is memories of happy days, moments, which means, as you say, also happiness.

I think that memorabilia should be passed down from generation to generation.
Thus, the memory of the ancestors is preserved, or rather strengthens it.

Awesome post! Reblogged and upvoted due to its awesomness and quality.



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😱 wow, nice 😇

You're welcome @mipiano 😊🌹

This particular song of hers touched me to my bones.

She's indeed a talent.

Thanks for sharing @mipiano

Thanks @nazam
I missed this comment earlier, but thank you for your visit 😊 The piece she is playing and how well she is playing it is special, indeed 🎶🎶😇

Tremenda artista, una forma de tocar sutil, dulce e imponente, luego de ver el video entendí lo que mencionas sobre el sonido del piano. Prácticamente su música se convirtió en un soundtrack de vida para ti, qué genial, me gustó 👍😃

Ow, Fernando (de verdad eres Fernando, como te llamó ebingo? ) esta frase la tengo que memorizar - un poco la modifiqué: el soundtrack de mi vida!

Geniaaaaal así queda mucho mejor la frase👍😃 y si me llamo Fernando tal cual como mencionó ebingo 😁

Es un placer conocerte Fernando 😇

🤝 Igualmente 😃👍