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RE: Here my first entry for Q-inspired with Via con me - P. CONTE (italian romantic songwriter)

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Hello @lorenzopistolesi

I would like to inform you that the Q-inspired community is not just a music community where we submit music without a further story that accompanies it. It is designed for personal writing around music, and if you read the description and the rules, you can learn more about the purpose of this little corner. I am leaving it here for you.

Q-Inspired is a small writing corner for Music Inspired contributions, where we express our thoughts, memories, experiences, inspirations, knowledge or even dreams about or around music topics. At Q-Inspired it goes without saying that we add the Personal touch.

Writing/Creation: Q-Inspired
Interacting with other Members is Encouraged
Cross-Posting is Forbidden
Respectless Behaviour is Forbidden
Plagiarism, Spamming, Recycling is Forbidden
Low-effort posts will be Muted

As your post is not meeting these requirements, it is muted.
Thanks for understanding.


Ok thanks
So even if I share my original songs?

Yeah, it is the same, original music or someone else's.

The emphasis is on personal writing (stories, experiences, your inspiration) and not just sharing music, that's the difference between the other music communities and this one. If you accompany your music with the writing part, like what inspired you to write it, how it happened, do you connect it with an idea, a dream, what are your feelings about it or similar, then it is matching the purpose of this community.

For just sharing original music I think it is best to do it in the Music community or Sound Music. 🎶

I hope I could help you a bit with this explanation ;)

Have a great Sunday 😎