Me appearing in your post? 😱
Thank you so so much @whywhy, I wouldn't expect seeing now that video of Where is my mind in your StV contribution! Though I knew you announced that a Spread the Vibes post would come, still it was a surprise for me!

So, a tropical island? Why not a place with a lot of snow and then a huge house with fire in the fireplace, a white (or transparent) grand piano (please, could it be Yamaha, or Steinway & Sons, if I can add to the dream haha) in the middle of a lounge room... so 48hrs of piano playing? Ok, 24 hours is my part. Or, you would play the piano too, so 48 has to be divided into three equal parts? 🤔

I am going to start to practise anyway 😂

Well 48 hrs including time to sleep, and no I am paying you guys are playing, I will make sure the piano is to your liking and a beautiful lounge room with amazing acoustics but snow?? I get it, I like it, but I personally prefer a nice sunny island. Not too hot.

but snow??


I know hahaha. Nobody understands my excitement about snow :D

Ok, let's meet in the middle. An island, a sunny one but it maybe could have some mountains we could see from the distance, with snowy peaks, so while Hansel is playing, I could watch that landscape from the window. 🏔

Sorry, was a bit later with my reaction than my vote. For some reason, I didn't take the time during my lazy Sunday. No head on piano for me though. More like headphones on listening to non-piano, more like drum machine music. Planning this StV post with this drum machine composition recording already for a month or two, or three. Soon, very soon it needs to happen. But but but, wanted to listen to the recording again, 6+ hrs, or was it 5+ hrs, donno anymore {lol}


You wrote
Wouldn´t it be great if our creator had written a little instruction manual for us? Well, I guess that is a post for another day soon to come.

I react:
Not sure if I understand your question. The post you linked lists a set of guidelines since StV doesn't have rules, but guidelines ;) I tried to be as bullet point as possible, to make it easy to see what those guidelines are. What would you like me to add and/or change? What is not sufficient?

Dreams and Islands...

...and a handful of pianos! GREAT DREAM! I do hope that dream comes true ;) The pianists seem to like the idea, so that's in the pocket already. Now the million as you wrote in another comment. Owww, can I invite myself? Salient detail, I started this whole StV thingy with a Dutch piano lady knowing I wanted the reaction from our own MiPiano ;)

@edje your instructions were awesome, and I think you come close but you need to step up a little to become the creator I was going for
Season 9 Lol GIF by The Office
It was meant as a comparison between your instructions and his lack of .......

Well you are hereby invited, it would be great to not be the only one that is no piano virtuoso, but there will be no electronic music for 48 hrs😋 or we need to do a secret midnight session
Not the Dutch Piano lady that did it with Marco B.?

Well this one was in my virtual pen since last week, and took me a week to flow and the song a week stuck in my head.

am afraid I never can become THAT creator 😂

THANK YOU! Will be there and yes, we gonna do some nightly action. a weekend has more than 48hrs; what about the last 12-odd hrs Sunday to Monday night? I say: we steal some of it for some electronics plus we try and mix electronics with the classic piano sound as well 😉 BUT, the weekend is mainly about the piano sound of our piano virtuoso 🙇

Wen Wen Wen? 😂

Wen Moon?
Wen Moon , I will come closer to that first million w.i.p. but I might send the invites when I reach 500K why wait, right_😇😂

Waiting is so overrated, kinda like the 20th century.
Now it's all about: Now Now Now 😂😂😂
Ok, when I'm able to get mucho $ value from somewhere, I chip in 😉

Next bull run is just around the corner, will wait for it as it's just another year. Meanwhile, I learn about the financial market, the popular narratives, and the ways to trade a bull and a bear. Now I did well when I knew nothing, my biggest fear is that now I think I know more I will do less good🤣

I 100% understand that fear.
Am not at all good at trading. Tried a few times, failed more and more often when applying learnings while switching of feelings. Not for me. Investor approach suites me better, so I just hope I upped my game on that front 😉🎶

I saw STV. Over here STV is Scottish Television and growing up with television that is what I thought.

The Pizies now that is a band and a half! Love them.
My piano playing skills are limited to three blind mice!
Popped in from dreemport today!

I did not come up with the abbreviation but it´s fun to know it might even trigger a STV 🤔
But Definitely a band and a half!

I accept that invitation!!! I’d be more than happy to play that tunes for you wherever we are. An island is not a bad idea while enjoying the Sun and the sea. And I agree with @mipiano a Steinway or Yamaha piano would be perfect for our Sound!!

Btw I used to play "Bliss" couple years ago, I guess is time to practice it again 😉

I was looking for bliss in your YT gallery but I might have overlooked it, but well it was also nice to give VK her 5 minutes of fame, although I sometimes think she is so technical and so perfect in making a copy that she misses a bit of VK in the cover.

Well we are clear on the piano, clear on an island that is not too hot, so now I only need to make my first crypto million I have given myself 5 years, so I guess the both of you have time enough to practice. But it would honestly be a dream, if anyone would asked me what to do with my first million that is top of the list! Just two amazing musicians I love to listen to and get to know in a beautiful setting, wit a perfect piano and great acoustics damn that is a dream that I need to make come true!

VK deserves all the fame haha so it’s great to watch her covers too, she’s an inspiration.

I’m sure you’re gonna make your crypto millions to fulfill this dream! I’m happy to be part of this dream too. This is something I wanna do, play for people who like this covers and my music as well. So let’s do it!!

Look at the way Mipiano was playing the piano and moving her hands gently... So fresh and beautiful too. In fact, I concentrated more on the sweater or jacket she was putting on, so amazing. I have mostly seen her where she was teaching and playing the piano with her students and I must say, she is a good teacher in that aspect.

Well, as for your wish, I believe it would be that kind of never forgotten moment with those two while you have the best 48 hours together playing and enjoying some coffee. I hope your wish come to pass.

I came to your post through #dreemport

I concentrated more on the sweater or jacket

Such a girl thing🤣 and thanks for believing in my dream/wish !CTP

Yay! 🤗
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Thanks @whywhy I will listen to your collection in a while.
I'm sure it's pretty good 😊

Nice write up ✍️
Came from @dreemport

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