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RE: New features: extended phishing protection, preview and scan of shortened links

It looks like this comment contains a shortened URL ( @keys-defender be careful as sometimes they can hide phishing or compromised websites. Here is my preview of the domain so you can decide whether you consider it safe: .
Now checking it against my database of known compromised or unsafe domains.. you'll see another reply if it's in there. If not, it's likely safe to open.
More info on this service here. For more information about risks involved in shortened URLs, read this article by Forbes..
This auto-reply is self-voted to be more visible among others. {average of post/comments with Shortened links I found per hour: n/a}. This auto-reply (on posts) is throttled 1/20 to reduce spam but if it still bothers you reply "OFF FURL" - (I'll still check previews against my database)