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RE: New features: extended phishing protection, preview and scan of shortened links

@keys-defender thank you for the warning and we appreciate that you keep an eye out for all of us.

I hope that you saw that the link was to one of our newspapers regarding a published interview with my wife about our charity work.

So what I have done now is that I have deleted the short link in the reply and explained to @farm-mom that I will send her the full URL of the article that also starts with https:

@papilloncharity after 4 years on hive has a clean record and we have never had any intentions to spam anyone.


Absolutely, I have now whitelisted both you and her so you won't be bothered anymore. Keep up the good work

Thank you for whitelisting me and @farm-mom and I am glad that the issue was resolved.

Keep up your good work to keep us all safe.


Hey @keys-defender, here is a little bit of BEER from @papilloncharity for you. Enjoy it!

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