My Introduce of my self // 17 september 2021

in DClub2 months ago


My name is Javed. I live in Pakistan. I am fifteen years old. My country's name is Pakistan. I am from Punjab province. I love to read and write I am also a singer. I love my son very much. I love raising and keeping chickens. My father's name is Zaman. I have three brothers and one sister. I love my family very much. I'am from Pakistan. I study in the eighth grade. I love to study I love my friends and family


I love to play cricket I play cricket every day I am a good cricketer I love this game My friends also love this game. This game is also an exercise for every human being. I love this game


My friend's name is samiullah. This class is in the eighth grade. I like it very much. I love it so much I help him in every way and this Murree also helps in every way. I like his every move. I love him.

Thanks for reading........