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The family of my niece Yuli, the eldest daughter of my brother Henry, who moved to Spain (Andorra) just over five years ago. Today, she is celebrating the call-up of her only daughter, Beatriz, to the auditions of the new season of The Voice Kids 2024.


On Saturday 15th June, those of us who are not in Spain will be able to watch the event on Antena 3.


**I don't know Bea very well, because I was already in Canada when she was born, the only contact we have had has been through ZOOM video calls. **


A hug full of blessings and success little Bea.



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I love the kid voice and XXX experience. I'm not sure if here in Venezuela you can tune into Antena 3 with how bad SimpleTV is.

!gifs well done

As always thanks for the support and for reading my publications, a hug all in family to best friend, nothing like feeling that fraternal warmth greetings ....,,