You may have noticed that this is not Twitter or other messaging platform.

I understand that DBuzz is for short content, but use it when you have something to say.

Yes I noticed its not twitter. A few million less users.

This is a very short post mate. In future I would recommend maybe declining rewards or something to avoid finding yourself in a position where you are downvoted.

Thank you for stopping by and investing with a comment. I wonder what made you check my post. But nevertheless thank you for the warm warning.

You expect to get rewarded for this low-effort rubbish?


You think you deserve to milk the platform with your AI generated posts?

Well AI isn't infallible, at least in my opinion. You follow someone for months who has a British accent writing style for example than one day it just totally disappears. lol. I think they forgot to program into AI that following individuals can be quite the same as having watched them on television for years, you become quite familiar with their personality traits.

His posts aren't AI generated as well you know.

You wondered how I visited your post? Galen is a friend of mine and he told me about it so I thought to be nice as we have spoken in the past and give you a friendly piece of advice but I can see you are heading down a well trodden path that many others have traveled down.

It never ends well.

Do what you will do but don't try to drag others down with you. It's poor behaviour that reflects more on you than them.