Security - still installing Hivewatchers blocklist into mute

in DBuzz2 months ago

Installing cc 130k+ accounts in their blacklist manually into my mute list is a huge task. It doesn't just use a lot of time, it uses a lot of Resource Credits.

So far I didn't find any tool that can do it faster than mute page on Hive.Blog. I paste 500 accounts at once in a form and mute them.

After pasting 30k accounts I got tired and my RC plummeted significantly.

That's why I am not posting any long content right now. It will be two sentences and pictures, or dBuzz.

I will use this time to complain instead. And post sour memes, do some black magic, post video links about how I lost in Splinterlands, and post some music that makes people deaf.

But, I thought I was doing all that for nothing because probably all those accounts are gone and inactive until I started receiving mutes myself.

Maybe puppet accounts are dead, but their puppet masters are definitely in here, very much alive and I guess farming.

I think that unsupervised frontends or tags could be the biggest places abused, and then in the second place microblogging frontends such as dBuzz and newly made Leofinance Threads.

Unlike farmers, I am pretty fucking horrified by the joke earnings I just made public, I have no idea how to explain that catastrophe to my family or anyone.

I wasted time, but that is not even half of the problem. People vote a content that is there, and farmers simply take the biggest cut. The reward pool is limited, nobody can inflate it without significantly damaging a market price.

Lately, I stepped into a shit, the kind of shit that everybody rewards without even realizing it, because a user had a hilariously high rep and it was a dolphin.

I am too old to ignore bullshit, too tired to go around checking each user, community managers should do that and provide a safe environment. They didn't do it so I will pick better communities with smarter individuals.

And possibly start reporting again, so instead of being a victim and wasting this little voting power I have, on various cases of abuse and communities each pretending to be a pillar of effort, I will just mute all of them blacklisted bastards.

It will take me ten days but it si not like I will lose a fortune. Maybe I feel better after discarding all that darkness.


Alot of those accounts are gonna not be active.
Have you looked at peakd to see if they offer something easier on the rc's?

Well, some of these accounts only seem to be inactive for ages, even pre-HIVE, but I am getting muted in return so I think whoever operates that farm, is still here.
Peakd has a page to manage blocked accounts but no form to bulk add them, Ecency to my knowledge doesn't have that either.
I found that form only in Hive Blog and to mute accounts still requires RC no matter what method is used.

still requires RC no matter what method is used.

Hmm, yeah I guess it would use rc's.

but I am getting muted in return so I think whoever operates that farm, is still here.

IF you could drop a list into hive-dr it may help us out.
That is the main group outside hivewatchers.
Before the fork we got paid to fight abuse, but we lost the developer doing it.
Don't be surprised if you get jammed up about why you are there.

Thanks. I am there.

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