Buzzies Awards 2020 - The Winners

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The Buzzies awards are in for the four categories, and the winners are...

Buzzie for Hive Post of the Year 2020

There may be no bigger post across the ecosystem than the announcement by @hiveio regarding the launch of Hive. Despite all of the well-known drama, the Hive chain went right back to crypto's Satoshi Nakamoto roots...decentralization and the grassroots nature of the individuals standing up to the wealthy and powerful.

First runner up for Buzzie for Hive Post of the Year: @peakd with their announcement of PeakD.

Best Visual Buzz 2020

@roaminsparrow consistently buzzes terrific photographs. His buzz Sunset over Danang earned him this Buzzie. The photograph was beautiful, ominous, yet still hopeful.

First runner up for Best Visual Buzz: @felizgarciap for this photograph illustrating how COVID-19 impacted our daily lives in 2020.

People's Choice Buzz

Like everything Hive, D.Buzz was new in 2020, or newly re-vamped. So, most people heard about it at some point during the year, many started with a "Hello world" buzz. And like he said, there's "always something new." The introduction buzz by @borjan earned the People's Choice Buzz 2020 based on upvotes and election with 36% of the votes.

First runner up for People's Choice Buzz 2020: @patrickulrich earned 27% of the votes for his hello buzz summarizing the growth and possibilities of D.Buzz.

Buzz of the Year

The Buzz of the Year goes to @holovision. Holovision's If I ever become U.S. president... buzz was ahead of its came before the then U.S. president was banned from social media. It's uncertain if holovision was concerned with censorship when the buzz was sent, but that won't be a problem when President Holovision takes office.

Congratulations @holovision...Buzz of the Year 2020!

First runner up: @guruvaj who buzzed about working from home and helping teachers with tech so they can meet remotely...very 2020.

Wrap up

Congratulations to the 2020 winners. Some HIVE should be coming your way soon as a prize...look for it from @dbuzz.

Thanks to the Buzzies Academy members for their help: @iamraincrystal and @jacuzzi. Thanks to @chrisrice for sponsoring the prizes.

2021 is here. Get those awesome buzzes going. The Buzzies may return at the year's end. :)

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👏🏽♥️Thank you very much!

Woohoo! Congratulations to the winners! I'm honored on the mention :)

I like this idea. Fun name!

Hopefully I can do it again at the end of this year, and do it better. I kind of hustled it together in early January. Start saving your best buzzes during the year!

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Thanks for the recognition ♥️♥️♥️

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