yeah, They was bit late but it was a nice surprise today morning :D

Is the $4.72 USD in AWC a one-time payment, or will you earn from it consistently?

yes. sign up promo. But there is a stake option also for it. Now I checked it is worth now 5.28$ :D There is also a stakeing option for it 17% 20% and 23% for a year. Depend how much you wanna stake.

What is an "Atomic Wallet"?

mobile crypto wallet. quiet good. also good for stakeing. :)

Ah so you can stake other coins like $XMR, etc. there?

XMR not but some coins it`s possible like : Atom, XTZ, AWC, TRX, ONT, NEO, VET, BTT, KMD, ALGO and WINK

Ah okay . . yeah, I have heard of XTZ and of course, TRX and BTT 🤣


Where can you trade awc?

As i see right now just on binance DEX.