## Happy International Cat Day!😻🥳✨ Timmy is celebrating in style ... ...

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Happy International Cat Day!😻🥳✨

Timmy is celebrating in style .... with the proper #catitude as always. He is an angel & devil all rolled into one...

Want to catch some of his antics? Check out his new channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIMj9MLz_hC082lQj

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I don't know that today is International cat day.
Happy! !PIZZA
I love cats and this cat looks so cute. 🥰

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Aww thank you! Yes, I didn't even know until this morning LOL. Social media is hash tagging it everywhere....so I thought why not?

Timmy is my furry boy & soulmate. He is always up to mischief but he's my heart as well. I agree, cats rule! 😻🙌🧡



My furry boy thanks you! He loves PIZZA....

Here's some !WINE to go with yours ;)

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Hello Timmy! It would be great if you meet @kooza, @dbuzz pet/mascot :)
PS. we love cats too! #dbuzzrewardsyr2


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