## Raven + CRFM = Live Halloween 8PM UTC! That's right! The incredibl ...

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Raven + CRFM = Live Halloween 8PM UTC!

That's right! The incredible @ravenmus1c will be live on CryptoRadio.FM doing an exclusive show on Halloween! 20:00 UTC!

Don't miss it!
Join the listen to party in slothbuzz discord

raven (1).gif


Looking forward to this event! Woo Hoo!

I can’t wait for this event! It’s going to be awesome.


We cant wait, it's going to be Buzzin! Hopefully Raven adds a birthday shoutout too :P

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Thanks for letting me stream on cryptoradio.fm!! =)

No no no, Thanks you for offering to stream on CRFM!!!

We can't wait! So much potential for everyone on Hive to get onboard and maximise their exposure to Crypto and Music fans alike!

I'm already counting down the minutes until you're live, don't want to start early? Like nowish? and stream all day?

Hahaha. I would love to. But sadly I am at work now. And later I will go to a Halloween Festival for a short time before I can start the show. :D


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