LeoFinance Has Revolutionized The Hive/LeoFinance Onboarding

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@khaleelkazi has just made a post about LeoInfra new release and its new onboarding for new users using their Twitter account that is going to bring in massive new signups for Hive/LeoFinance with a few clicks and not worrying about Hive keys:

"The key to onboarding is realizing the different groups of users you're targeting. Some users may want to download their keys. Others may not want to know about "private keys" at all.

To service these different groups of users, we need multiple sign up options with both "full" and "lite" accounts.

With the newest release of LeoInfra (releasing officially on Monday, December 7th) LeoFinance has created both."

Source credit: https://peakd.com/hive-167922/@khaleelkazi/txnwyrmj


Fantastic development hive on.

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