It's such a great work archiving this gem. Please continue more acts like this :)

WOW @vimukthi I didn't know that was the oldest dated printed book. I am going to check it out! P.S. It is probably from the #Theravada school, right?

Actually no. You won't find Diamond Sutra or Heart Sutra within the Theravada Tripitaka.

You just gave me the best gift I could get through working w/@dbuzz, and I'm happy I met you here @vimukthi 😊👏 #non-attachment

I felt the same when I first came across these texts. It makes me very happy to have it paid forward. Hope you would do the same in the future 😃

Yes, I am planning on it!

This was a huge gift that you sent my way @vimukthi thank you. I have already started reading it and it's about transcending beyond our perceptions, thoughts, words, etc. 😊👏

I was about to share some books. Your positive comments makes me double down and make this a regular thing 🙏

It is so awesome I met you on here @vimukthi I haven't met many people who understand things like this 😊👏