"Winter at Mt. Toblerone" (Acrylic Painting)

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"Winter at Mt. Toblerone"
Acrylics on Paper
30 x 40 cm (11 ⅞" x 15 ¾")

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(Simulated display situation. Painting size exaggerated for effect.)


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Thank you :)

 4 months ago (edited) 

molto bello Cara Caro! Reblog it naturally.

Thank you so much Armando. I appreciate it. XOXO :)

Have you ever seen videos of Bob Ross?

Yes, I have. Bob Ross is an old PBS stand-by, hard to miss. His are oil paintings, though, not acrylics :)

Yes, he painted oils. He used to paint over a wet mask, so gradients were very easy to do. We should paint with his technique someday. Don't you think?

Yes, I do that sometimes, using retarder. This particular doodle is painted on paper though, so getting it too wet is a bit of problem.

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