Strange sign of the center of the milky way.

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Strange sign of the center of the milky way.


An international team of astronomers has discovered a mysterious radio source near the center of our Milky Way galaxy that is contextually emitting signals with "strange properties that do not match any known cosmic object", researchers have been told.

The source has the beautiful name of ASKAP J173608.2−321635 is located 25 thousand 800 light years from us, clarified that radio emissions that occur in nature are part of the electromagnetic spectrum as is visible light, humans have taken advantage of they to communicate here on earth and also to be in contact with spacecraft, but in the cosmos there are many phenomena that produce radio emissions, however, these that have been detected do not resemble any known radio source.


They blink for weeks and suddenly the source decreases, the brightness of the signal can change drastically decreasing in a single day, but sometimes it can last several weeks and also the signal is very polarized, all this is very strange for scientists.

Between April 2019 and August 2020, the signal appeared in the data captured 13 times, last February it was also detected with the South African Meerkat telescope and it was detected again in April with the Australia Telescope Compact Array.


Astronomers will continue to investigate to better understand what these signals are and what their source is, perhaps it is a new object in the cosmos or an extreme astrophysical phenomenon that can help us discover new mysteries of the universe.

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