🎨 Character Mashup Fun 😜 #4

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Hello Again!
Here is the last one (for now πŸ˜›) of the Character Mashups we did some months ago.

Quoting from previous posts:

me and my friend @romytokic did this challenge of Character Mash-ups!, we picked 2 characters randomly from established and popular cartoon franchises (well some weren't that well know xD) and then mixed them together to see what came up hahaha, results were hilarious and very fun to do πŸ’™.

This one was a mix of Mushu from Mulan! and Mokona Modoki from another of theose Magical Girl Clamp's Animes which I hadn't hear of before this challenge πŸ€£πŸ˜›.

Again this was really fun to do, although I wasn't very pleased with the results of my drawinge hehe, took more time than with the others to decide how to mix them, in the end I chose to have Mushu wear a Mokona suit or something like that hehe.

Technical Info:
Digital Art
Created using Adobe Photoshop CC 2015
I think we had like 10min to draw them hehe

Creation Process GIF

Final Art

Click to see in full size

Creative Commons
- @melooo182


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This is adorable!!!

^_^ ! thank you!!! <3

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