(ES/EN) 3Dart: sculpture practice - a monster! 😁

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Hi hivers! happy weekend.
Today I wanted to practice a bit with freeform sculpture and I created a slightly strange monster hahaha

Hola hivers! feliz fin de semana.
El día de hoy quería practicar un poco con la escultura de forma libre y creé algo bien extraño jajaja.


First I made a shape without much sense and then I began to sculpt without any direction, although after I made the mouth I already had an idea of what I would do.

Primero hice una forma sin mucho sentido y luego empece a esculpir sin ningún rumbo, aunque luego que hice la boca ya tenia una idea de lo que haría.



The tentacles and the mouth I really liked how they turned out, then I gave it that slightly grotesque wrinkled appearance that gives a good touch to the idea, or so I think 😂

Los tentáculos y la boca me gustaron mucho como quedaron, luego le di esa apariencia arrugada un poco grotesca que le dan un buen toque a la idea, o eso creo 😂



Well friends, I hope you liked this strange monster, that you are very well 😃

Bueno amigos, espero que les haya gustado este extraño monstruo, que estén muy bien 😃


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Starts out looking like something that could appear in Monsters Inc, ends up something that could be in the Upside Down or some rpg XD

trying to find out what the heck is Upside Down XD I found the 2008 trailer for a movie that looks good.

It's this wacky parallel dimension in Stranger Things, is that what you found? :)

ahhh I know what it is hahaha.
But no, I saw a movie where there are two worlds turned upside down and two people fall in love, but there is a kind of racism because those below are poor, is what I understood from the trailer.

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This is super neat. The tentacle arms made me think of fallopian tubes.

Then of affection we will say Mr. Fallopian hahaha.

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Yay! 🤗
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You are so kind @gregory-f Thank you very much.