BLUE BOSSA Bass Finger Cam with Hiveseph on Bass.

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BLUE BOSSA Bass Finger Cam with Hiveseph on Bass.

I'm sure you've heard Blue Bossa in some form of another. (PLAY ALONG with your RealBook Volume 5.)

This is a Jazz combo featuring Vince on Saxophone, Nathan on Drums, Michael on Keys, Adam on Trumpet, and Joseph on Bass.

We are performing Blue Bossa for a college's applied music students.

Video Highlights

Look for hammer techniques while adjusting volume.
Look for damage inflicted by wrong notes.
Look for follow along melody.
Look for trippy blue stuff.
Look for psychedelic stuff.

Click here to see my previous video:

Search for Tetrahedroseph to find weird Jazzy music that sounds like drum and bass, reggae, and Cumbia.

Check it out here:



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So nice and chill vibe. I could lock into the bassline right away. cool!

Wut? 🤯!
You said, "lock-in" when referencing the feel of the groove or pulse.

Are you a drummer?

Thanks for the compliment. Groove and pulse and feel and hypnosis are all important to me and pros i've glanced by.

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nah. just an x-musician whose been in many bands and can say stuff about it.. :P

I played alto sax as my primary instr, but always luved and gravitated towards basslines and songs with good bass..


Oh yeah! U mentioned playing saxophone before. Please forgive my memory. Saxophonist have good ears. Good listeners. Thanks for commenting. Got any videos of some band you were in?

😊😎🤙 its all good. I would say my 'music' life is all but in the past. I'm 48 now and haven't played anything (sax or piano or anything) since college time. (well, i did just play those simple melodies from popular songs for my kids about 15 yrs ago) all i do now is sing karaoke and now I comment on some hiver's music when I hear it. :)

I doubt there are any vids or recording of my music playing days. :P sorry. U can imagine tho.. I was in marching, concert, symphonic, and jazz band in highschool and at university. 🎵🎷🎼

how long u been playing? what stuff have u played?

Play guitar and studied a little, played in garage bands, college big bands, churches, percussion and audio, ukulele and stuff.
I’ve been playing bass for about 18 to20 years. Before Covid mandates I was the first call Bass Player for a steel drum band named #SteelParade.

:) Nice. u sound like quite the experiences jammer!😎💪🎵


Look at you go!

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