Foundry Bridge, Summer Garden and hidden art

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On that day there was a cycling rally, and car traffic on the Neva river embankment was blocked. I decided to take the opportunity to walk along the embankment, free from the dense traffic. I started my walk at Foundry Bridge. I moved from the bridge towards the Summer Garden, and at the end of my walk I entered the Summer Garden to rest on one of the benches in the shady alley.




On the way, I took the opportunity to photograph the plaques on the wall of one of the houses. The absence of cars gave me the opportunity to walk up to a convenient distance and photograph these plaques together. The left plaque is dedicated to the memory of the great opera singer Galina Vishnevskaya, the right plaque is dedicated to the memory of the great cellist Mstislav Rostropovich. The spouses settled in the house on Kutuzov Embankment after returning from the USA in the 1990s.



The weather is perfect - warm, but not hot. Many citizens and tourists took advantage of this wonderful weather to go for a walk. A charming Border Collie walks towards me, accompanied by her owners. This is a wonderful breed of dog, they are both intelligent and beautiful.




I am walking leisurely along the alleys of the Summer Garden in search of the most comfortable bench to rest on, and suddenly I notice that there are small stained glass windows hidden in the foliage among the trellises. I look more closely and find that some of these stained glass windows have explanatory information. As it turns out, these stained glass windows are the coursework of students at the Academy of Art and Industry. This educational institution is located nearby, on the opposite bank of the Fontanka River.




I start paying closer attention to the flowerbeds and shrubs. It turns out that there are quite a lot of small stained glass windows in the garden. They are located at the top of the green gallery and one can pass by without noticing them. These stained glass windows are especially beautiful when viewed at close range in the lumen.



After a while I notice another art object, of a completely different kind. There are mushrooms growing on one of the stumps! From afar, these mushrooms appear golden. You can't get close to them and touch them - the whole garden is a museum object, you can't walk on the lawns and touch the exhibits with your hands. This is probably a good thing - I won't check anything, I'll just remember that there are golden mushrooms growing on one of the stumps in the garden.







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LocationSaint Petersburg, Russia

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You really took advantage of the situation and be able to share this beautiful pictures from your walk. You also shared the different activities that can be done in the Summer garden. 😊 Thank you for sharing.😊

This walk turned out to be very enjoyable, thank you so much!

Even me would enjoyed walking there as you show it in your pictures. Welcome.😊

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looks a great walk and the art is special yes.

This walk really turned out excellent, thank you so much!

you're welcome

The garden looks like a deep oasis of silence! Love it!

It really is a lovely place, thank you very much!

Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos and very good information and details about the garden and art. Good post may I ask you where is it? :)

Thank you very much!
Saint Petersburg, Russia