"Sammy Squirrel" - A Pastel Painting

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"Sammy Squirrel"
soft pastel on paper
40 x 30 cm (15 ¾" x 11 ⅞")

Thanks for looking, and please don't forget to upvote and reblog if you liked my art. Until next time!

Danke fürs Anschauen, und vergesst bitte nicht das Upvoten und Rebloggen, wenn euch mein Beitrag gefallen hat. Bis zum nächsten Mal!
















I think I had one of those living in my attic over the winter.
Nice! Very well done as usual.

Thanks. This one was actually a lot of work.

Its got a lot of detail. Is that why it was a lot of work or did you try a new technique or something?

Not a new technique, regular soft pastel and pastel pencil. It's the detail in the fur; you need to sharpen pastel pencils every few strokes, with a knife and sandpaper.

Oh i see. Makes sense

Sammy è bellissimo i miei complimenti!
!discovery 50

Thank you kindly, Armando. My first painting ever was a squirrel in acrylic. That was in September 2019 and I named him "Squirrelzilla" - easy to see why. I believe I'm making progress, slowly but surely. 🤣

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