CryptoFitChallenge2022 End of Event - Week 4 Winners!! 💪🎉 Grand Winners Coming Soon

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Week 4 Quick Summary

Hey everyone!
We would like to congratulate you all for taking part in the final week of cryptofitchallenge2022!

Our trainers gave you some awesome workouts, and you did an amazing job!
We have seen so many fantastic participations from everyone, so thank you for making a positive healthy space for yourselves!

Over the last week, we had 25 posts with the #cryptofitchallenge2022 tag. Out of those posts, 20 were valid (invalid ones are the ones without the minimum 5,000 activity count).
As highlighted in the original announcement, we are employing a points system to reward participants.

Actifit weekly winners are picked via a points system, whereby you can gather up to 23 points per week:
+1 point for every report above 5,000 activity/step count (max 7 points per week)
+1 point for every report above 10,000 activity/step count (max 7 points per week)
+1 point for every exercise per trainer up to 3 days (max 9 points per week)


For this week, and for 4 weeks in a row, @mervinthepogi snatched the top position. Well done 💪
The second position went to @nanie.lilla. Amazing job. Read more about her story below!

Rewards will be sent soon to your wallets!

During this week, we will also announce the grand winners of cryptofitchallenge2022, eligible for 50k AFIT as well as a real fitness gadget from actifit market. Stay tuned!

Honorary Mention

We could not miss on highlighting one of the amazing stories we came across during the challenge, the story of @nanie.lilla, her unfortunate injury, and her journey for recovery.
Inspiring video, thank you for joining in on the challenge and we wish you full fast recovery and continuous fitness journey!

Check out the video in her post below

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@actifit team


I'm gonna miss this challenge. It motivates me to get back on track again. I will continue my fitness journey 😍Thank you so much Actifit.

Great to hear! Thank you for taking part and taking care of your health journey with Actifit 😍

Wow😱. I feel so moved and touched, this mention touched my heart and made me cry with happiness🥲. Thank you so much first for this program, it motivated me to reach another level in my life not only physically but also in my being. And as I have told you in my posts, the limits are only in the mind and we can achieve what we propose. Also thank you so much for the good wishes. I love being part of this community.💪🏻💜🤩

We love having you as well! Life changing stories keep us motivated 😍💪🏻

Wow! I thought I wont be winning this week challenge because of me being in a quarantine for a day, but luckily I got it again! Thanks a lot!

Outstanding performance, you're welcome 😍