My Actifitivity: October 4 2022

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This one is for yesterday. I dozed off on the sofa. Sofa king tired.

After all the rain lately, suddenly a second spring season comes back. Everything is green again and with blazing blue skies the sun gets to show its might one more time.



The air is swarming with insects again. Little lady bugs everywhere. And in the meadows I met this exuberant caterpillar.



But it's not actually spring yet, just a very beautiful autumn day. So there's mushrooms all around as well.



More porcelain mushroom. Huge ones, too. I don't think I've seem them in such sizes before.

And porcelain mushrooms, if you didn't know, can especially be enjoyed with a look from down below.



Thanks for your time!


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Thats some Alice In wonderland vibes there! Mushrooms and ladybugs! Beautiful! !LUV

omg!! you're right!

I should go back to find the rabbit hole!

Just don't eat too much cake, or you won't fit anymore! !PIZZA


Why did the hipster burn his tongue?
He drank his coffee before it was cool.

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Love all the photos! Sounds like it has been a really lovely day. An advance happy weekend...

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