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Recently, I have been hitting 10,000 steps quite often! You see, I recently moved from a small apartment in north Texas to a small house in Tennessee. For the first time in many years, I have an actual backyard to plant in! Though it is rather hot weather, I have enjoyed walking around outside and scheming on some ideas for the garden area, which has many open spaces begging to be filled.

My favorite thing to grow are edibles of all kinds; I love growing perennial herbs that get larger and more prosperous each year. At the same time, this is a rent house, so I don't want to sink too many financial resources into it. I am looking for creative ways to populate the garden gradually.

I was growing a few kinds of mint, rosemary, thyme, and culinary lavender flower in containers on the patio of my old apartment. From these, I plan to take some cuttings and try my hand at propagating them, so I can keep the potted plants in a movable state while risking smaller plants outdoors. I am not sure if I'll plant too much this autumn but definitely hope to do quite a bit next spring.

The local soil here is actually not too bad quality, though it is a little clayish at times. The bed pictured above has only a hydrangea bush growing and some sort of native plant which is currently unknown to me. I started to dig up the native soil today along with roots of old plants which were never removed and plan to mix in some better soil into it before eventually replacing it.

Hopefully I can eventually construct a proper compost pile, but for now I will be getting started with this portable porch unit pictured below.

Hope all of you are staying active and well!



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Note: my actual step count was 15,772. The app seems to glitch if the phone post is under 100 characters or perhaps for other reasons. Unfortunately, I have had this issue with @actifit many times. Oh well, it's the thought that counts, right? ;-)

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Good photo of the bed! So sorry your step count didn't get registered!

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