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RE: My Actifit Report Card: May 1 2021

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I so want something you are so close in the event! I want to wish you luck tomorrow and I can hardly wait to see how you do. At this point you don't want doesn't matter because you're so far up the chain.

Dinner looks delicious, as usual and now I'm going to have to ask you what it was! All seems well in your world and I like hearing what you do on the financial side although like you say it's not advice but it's always fun to see what somebody else is doing. Thanks so much and again, good luck tomorrow!


Thank you! I really enjoyed my first experience in a disc golf league. It sounds like there probably won't be another one until fall so I'm kind of missing it already.

Dinner was chicken, rice, some Swiss chard from the garden, pickled daikon radish, nori, and pickled garlic.

Pickled garlic? I've never had that!

It's really good and much less intense than eating a hole garlic clove raw but it still has a nice garlic flavor.

Do you make your own or buy it?