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RE: My Actifit Report Card: October 14 2021

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Oh, Wow! Did you see that tree? I hope the bugs were worthy! :) Those shrooms look huge and deer! Oh, yes. I guess I can get on the soapbox because I have never hit one. One ran into me... actually ran alongside the truck and ran his shoulder into it. It was weird! But, I get really rattled at people who go flying down the road.

Life is hectic!!! Have a peaceful day!


Your deer 'accident' sounds like one I had back some years ago, but it was my car and not a truck. It was crazy as I was blinded by oncoming headlights and didn't see him until he and my front end connected. The look on his face mirrored mine, I imagine, and because I was moving, he grazed along side the car until he body slammed into my driver's door; shattering the window and pushing the roof support all the way into my seat! I knocked him out, and apparently, he recovered consciousness and left the scene of the accident.
It was in November and it was dark and cold.

Made me a bit nervous driving at night; actually, I've never gotten over it 100% as I tend to want to drive down the center of the road after dark, lol, which has it's own perils!

Take care @dswigle, and have a wonderful weekend!

OMG! Mine was in November too and I was in Michigan in the Upper Peninsula and the deer got knocked out and took off before the police could come! :)

Did they issue a warrant for his leaving the scene of the crime, lol! Sounds like we experienced about the same thing. Craziness! Take care my friend!