My Actifit Report Card: October 14 2021

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Hey everybody! Thanks for stopping by!

Fall is definitely in the air as you can see by my first picture. It’s one of my favorite times of year!🍁🍂😎

Work was busy and I always have more than enough to keep me occupied! I could use an office girl to run interference for me with walk-in traffic and phone calls-that’s for sure!

Once the day ended, I headed to the library to pick up a book I had ordered, the grocery and the post office. As I headed home up South Pass, the deer were hanging out trying to cross the road. I was worried about them as it was just beginning to lose daylight. There’s an apple tree there and they want the fruit. I stopped my car in hope the mom would cross and her child with her. They did but I noticed the baby deer was limping and as she got in front of me, I could see there was something wrong with her left hip. I’m thinking she got hit but survived. It’s the time of year when the deer look for the fruit and people know they hang there. It’s unfortunate that they are too self centered to slow down! It angers me-sorry! I know the damage to the deer, the people and the vehicle can be bad! It’s always a possibility that more than the deer could die from such an encounter. Slow down people!!!

Okay-I’ll get off my soapbox!

It kind of made me moody; combine that with it was raining plus being tired-I was not in the mood to hike 😏

Sleep sounds great, but it’s going to be a while before I can get there.

Work is fully booked for tomorrow. There’s a possibility that my coworker might come in for half a day, but sometimes she says she will and then doesn’t. So I figure that expecting her not to come could lead to a possible pleasant surprise. We shall see!

Here’s some more eye candy……

I’m thinking the woodpecker was working on a townhouse, lol!

I’m about done for the day, so take care and as @actifit-lamb would tell you…….get those hooves movin’! 🐑

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ARRGH!!! Poor deer!
Yeah, a woodpecker!
How interesting.
Will the bird come back and continue the work?
Beautiful mushrooms!
Thanks for sharing the photos.
I haven't seen that many kinds of mushrooms.

I'm not sure if he will continue his building but will keep watch as we hike and see if he adds a chamber or makes the existing ones bigger.

I have to say, we are very blessed with many varieties of mushrooms! Just don't eat them!🙀🍄🍄🍄

Oh, Wow! Did you see that tree? I hope the bugs were worthy! :) Those shrooms look huge and deer! Oh, yes. I guess I can get on the soapbox because I have never hit one. One ran into me... actually ran alongside the truck and ran his shoulder into it. It was weird! But, I get really rattled at people who go flying down the road.

Life is hectic!!! Have a peaceful day!

Your deer 'accident' sounds like one I had back some years ago, but it was my car and not a truck. It was crazy as I was blinded by oncoming headlights and didn't see him until he and my front end connected. The look on his face mirrored mine, I imagine, and because I was moving, he grazed along side the car until he body slammed into my driver's door; shattering the window and pushing the roof support all the way into my seat! I knocked him out, and apparently, he recovered consciousness and left the scene of the accident.
It was in November and it was dark and cold.

Made me a bit nervous driving at night; actually, I've never gotten over it 100% as I tend to want to drive down the center of the road after dark, lol, which has it's own perils!

Take care @dswigle, and have a wonderful weekend!

OMG! Mine was in November too and I was in Michigan in the Upper Peninsula and the deer got knocked out and took off before the police could come! :)

Did they issue a warrant for his leaving the scene of the crime, lol! Sounds like we experienced about the same thing. Craziness! Take care my friend!

@elizabethbit The King sends blessings and gratitude for a day in your life, as in TODAY, that is overfilled with Love, Peace and Joy! It is fun Friday and moving into the weekend!

What type of deer do you have populating your neck of the woods?

All the best!







@elizabethbit, you've been given LUV from @kingneptune.

Check the LUV in your H-E wallet. (1/4)

I have to say, I have never really thought about that, lol! Just common white tail deer, I believe.

May your Saturday be blessed and filled with love, peace, joy, happiness and everything good!

Take care @kingneptune!

Must have been some tasty bugs in that tree!


You need to try some of them mushrooms some day too. It'll either be awesome or terrible.... lol

I think I'll pass........😎

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