My Actifit Report Card: May 3 2022🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦

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Hey everybody and thanks 🙏 for stopping by! 😎👍

You know what the first picture means-right? It’s snail 🐌 baby season in the forest!

More on that in a moment! I turned off all alarms this morning with the intention of sleeping 💤 until whenever. Funny how that doesn’t always work out! I woke up just past 7:30; not nearly as long as I was planning on, but oh well. According to my Fitbit sleep score of 89, I did stellar! I was pretty much down for the count while I was asleep, my heart rate was in the low 40’s. Nice! 😎👍

Since I only had today before finishing out the week at work, I didn’t go to ladies Bible study. I did get a bit of housework done and some laundry 🧺 too. We met up with Jan for a hike mid afternoon.

All of the snail 🐌 babies were on her side of the trail. She’d spy them; I’d photograph them and then move them out of harm’s way 👍. I also moved a garden snake and a 8” earthworm to keep them safe as well. I hate to see 👀 anything get killed.

Here’s two more snails 🐌 I saved for a total of 3 for the day.

Snail 🐌 fact: You can count the rings in the shell to determine approximately how old a snail 🐌 is! I try to always move them when I find them, to a safe area, especially since I often find 5, 6, and even 7 year olds here!

Tomorrow finds me once again headed back to work. At least my coworker is back and can run some interference for me. I’m also looking forward to the arrival of our new credit card 💳 terminal. It will free up one thing from our phone line as it’s connected via Ethernet cable to the internet. Now it will just be the fax and voice on the phone 📞 line. Nice!😎👍

That’s gonna be it for now. Take care and have a lovely evening! Please continue to pray for Ukraine 🇺🇦!

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I just learned more about snails than I ever knew before! 😃 🐌

They are quite interesting! We also have several varieties here in the NW. I think about all the years they've worked to build their shells by eating calcium carbonate found naturally in the soil and on the gravel, and it pains me to think of stepping on one and killing it after all that hard work! Hence, why I move them to safety!

Take care @dfinney and have a lovely evening!

Where are the baby snails? Hehehe!
That must be six years old...
Wow! How long do they live!
Exciting... workday tomorrow, sis.

Hey @silversaver888! They can live up to 12-ish years, but the oldest I've ever found was 7 or 8.

I always like looking for them. Last year was quite the stellar year on snail baby finds. This year is a bit slow, but could be because it's still cool. We've had enough rain; that or we've a snail shortage going on, lol!

Take care sis!🤗😘💘🌸

When I was still a kid I am really afraid of snails because I don't know I just don't like its appearance but when I watched Spongbob Squarepants and saw that Spongebob's pet is a snail I am not afraid anymore hehe chilhood stories 😅

LOL! That is sweet! Take care!💜🤗

Hola @elizabethbit, tu post es muy interesante como siempre, es bueno que hayas podido dormir un poco más, aunque no tanto como querías. Es maravilloso que participes en grupos de estudio bíblico, porque muchos de nosotros pasamos por alto esta espiritualidad y es esencial para sobrevivir.

Qué bueno es lo que haces por las criaturas vivientes que dice mucho de ti. Ustedes saben que aquí en Venezuela alguna vez tuvimos un problema con los caracoles, de hecho se decía que era una plaga, creo que lo llamaban caracol africano y es venenoso y la campaña era para exterminarlos porque incluso causaban muertes, ahora les tengo un poco de miedo a los caracoles.

Espero que tu día de trabajo sea ligero. Me encantó leerte de nuevo. Por cierto, me sorprendió mucho la gran cantidad de etiquetas que tienes, ¿cómo puede ser esto posible? 😛

Thank you @marbrym! Our snails aren't poisonous fortunately. As for the tags; I edit my post in where I can add as many as I like. Otherwise, you limited to what Hive limits us to.

I appreciate your feedback on my posts and humbled that you take the time to read them. Take care and have a lovely day!💜🤗

¡Gracias @marbrym! Afortunadamente, nuestros caracoles no son venenosos. En cuanto a las etiquetas; Edito mi publicación en donde puedo agregar tantos como quiera. De lo contrario, se limitó a lo que Hive nos limita a nosotros.

Agradezco sus comentarios sobre mis publicaciones y me honra que se tome el tiempo para leerlas. ¡Cuídate y que tengas un hermoso día!💜🤗

What a nice detail to translate into Spanish. Yeah, thank God those aren't venomous. That of Actific has caught my attention but I have not yet taken the time to review to see what it is about and what it required from me. But excellent plus that allows you to include more labels. Have a nice day dear @elizabethbit 😊🌺🐌

I am a moderator for actifit and if you need help or have questions, please reach out anytime!💜🤗

Excellent, thank you very much @elizabethbit

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I like the patterns on snail shells, nature is amazing.

Indeed! Take care!