They're Back!.......My Actifit Report Card: September 18 2023

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They’re back! We got some much needed rain last night and poof-the ‘shrooms popped up almost overnight!

Backing up, our morning started out in the hot tub. It was a cool morning which made the tub that much better! Once back inside, I started working on my VR headset and getting it set up. It is now ready to go to my boss’s so he can add some games for me.

Around noon, we headed to Ryan’s house to take him the 43” LG TV we had. About 5 years ago, we purchased a bigger TV. The LG was fine, so we put it in the box the new one came in and stored it. We had been trying to find a good home for it and in 2021 a few months after the flood came, I asked our pastor if he knew of anyone who might could use it. Ryan’s name came up and they wanted it, but unfortunately, their home had been flooded during the flood and it would be a bit before they could take it. Today, almost 2 years after the flood, he is still, as many homeowners are, repairing after the flood. It’s not been an easy or quick process for them. So @silvertop and myself loaded it up and delivered it today! Nice! See @silvertop’s post for pics.

We headed out for a hike mid afternoon. Jan came with. We set out for Towhee Ridge. Along the way we found more ‘shrooms.

@actifit-lamb tagged along and hitched a ride in @silvertop’s backpack. She does enjoy the scenery! Upon reaching Towhee Ridge, she climbed out and ran to the picnic table to sit and play with some leaves that had fallen.

She had a good time! The forest is filled with the sights and smells of fall. It’s lovely! 🤩

That’s it for today. Tomorrow will find me back in the dentist’s chair for my permanent crown on that back molar. I’ll be done after that for a bit, I hope! Take care and enjoy your day! 🙏🇺🇦


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Is there a thunderstorm there? Lots of mushrooms really.

No thunder....just rain. It started again tonight; the weather forecast is calling over this week, for an atmospheric river which could be interesting.


What do they call those brown mushrooms?
Hehehe, I have 5 TVs now. I never gave away my TVs because I had the room/s for them. If I buy a 6th one, I will replace the oldest one... that, I will give away!

I am not really sure about the brown ones. The one white-ish looking one is edible, but their 'shelf life' in the forest is short. They become shiny and blackish quickly if not eaten in the state you see in the picture.

We had 3 TV's but now just 2. It was good to get it to someone who could use it. I didn't want to give it away and have them sell it for profit. Thanks for stopping by sis! Love ya much!🤗😘💖🌸 !LUV

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