Poor Babies!........My Actifit Report Card: September 19 2023

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Poor babies!😿

This afternoon, I went out to see if I could befriend the wild kittens that have been living in some pallets near a parked snowmobile and protected by Shore Pines. What I found broke my heart. Two of the four were piled on top of their sibling who was dead. I took the little kitten and moved it. I went into the house to get a towel to wrap it in and my gardening gloves. Then to the garage for a shovel. I went back to the little baby and wrapped it up and carried it with me to a wrought iron chair where I laid it so I could find a burial place. I dug the hole and rewrapped it in the towel better, placed it in the grave and covered it. It makes me so sad; it was about 8 weeks old maybe. It seemed somewhat malnourished as well. I haven’t seen the mom for a few days and am wondering if she’s coming back. I went in to get some canned cat food and mixed some kitty kibble in. I then went back out to where the other two are and put the food out. I went back a few minutes later to find them eating like there’s no tomorrow. They ate it all! I put some water out for them. I couldn’t turn my back on them and let them starve. I love all kitties!

My day started out with my headed to the dentist to get the final crown. Things went well and I was done a lot sooner than I expected. Once home was when I found the kitten.

We then headed to Bellingham to get a few items and came back. While out, I purchased more canned kitty food and a small water dish that holds about 16 ounces of water that’s dispensed as they drink. I’ve fed them again and will go check on their progress here in a bit. I’m hoping mom isn’t lost to them but am suspecting she is. Here’s a picture I took while they were eating.

They’re so little! 😻

Here’s @silvertop working on that stack of firewood.

More ‘shrooms from yesterday’s hike.

Tomorrow will find me headed to work anticipating a busy day. I’m hoping to find out as well when my coworker is leaving for a month long vacation and whether or not she’s really going to return. She’s been wanting to retire; she’s 74 and really deserves to. She’s been a bit torn about it as the doc is her son. The only problem is that there is no replacement in the offing which means it will throw me into 40 hours a week that I don’t want. Not sure how this is all going to work out. I’ll work the ‘month’ of vacation 5 days a week as I’ve always covered her vacations. Beyond that-I guess we will have to see what happens.

That’s gonna be it for today. Take care and hug a kitty. It relieves stress. 🙏🇺🇦


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Awwww.... they are so cute!
Can you bring them to the nearest SPCA?
Poor kitties... abandoned by their mother!

😿😿😿 @silversaver888, please see my other response. Hugs and kisses.🤗😘💖

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I really like the way you have so much love for these little kittens that you are calling them babies this is a very nice and friendly gesture and I truly appreciate it even though I am not an avid animal lover but this really warms my heart and makes me go humble and wholesome.

Thank you @liquidocelotytt. Unfortunately today, my husband found the missing kitten. There were originally 4 and I've been feeding the two that were alive. The one that was missing was very close by, dead as well. It saddens me that we couldn't save them, but hopefully the two remaining will grow big and strong. We didn't plan on any more kitties (we have 2 indoor ones) but now I guess we have 2 outdoor ones. I am a sucker for helpless baby animals; I always have been, plus I really do love kitties. Take care! !LADY

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Yay! 🤗
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Thank you so much!!!🤗💜

Poor little ones, well done for burying it and feeding the others.
Let’s hope the work situation will work out somehow… it sounds like some busy times will be around the corner.
Have a nice Wednesday 👋🏻😊

Thank you @littlebee4. Originally, there were 4 kittens. We had been missing one and wondered if it was dead. Today, my husband found that poor little kitten and buried it as well next to it's sibling. I am hoping the 2 remaining ones will grow strong and survive. I want to touch them, but so far, they're too afraid and a bit wild.

Take care and enjoy your Thursday!🤗💜

You are welcome 😊
Oh… good it was found though. Less worries about where it might be.
Let’s hope the other 2 will grow strong and survive.
Maybe get a bit closer each day, so they get used to your presence. After a while their curiosity will take over and they come closer.

Thank you 💜 have a wonderful end of the week!

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The kitten didn't even look your direction
The food was more important 😂😂😂😂😂

It was. They were malnourished as I believe either the mom abandoned them or she is no longer of this world. Take care my friend.🤗💜

Take care too my good friend

Poor little kittens! Hopefully you can find homes for the other two that are still alive. Maybe you have two cats meow! Nice of you to help them with food. xox

If they survive, we will have 2 outdoor kitties. I already have 2 indoor kitties and am afraid of upsetting the balance of the home even if I could catch them. I am going to work on getting them to trust me. Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely day!

am afraid of upsetting the balance of the home - no doubt, they can be finicky!