Actifit Championship (Proposal for Actifit Team)

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For the past few weeks I've been participating in @browery's Actifit tournament. Competitions like that, IMO is exactly what Actifit as a platform needs.

A few days ago I had an idea, that AFIT tokens could be used as a buy-in to such a tournament. @actifit could create a ticket on it's marketplace which, could cost, let's say 1000 AFIT. 10% of that could be used as a fee or burned. The rest could go to the prize pool.

Structure of the tournament

IMO the best way to do competition like that would be to measure participants' improvement and not the total activity count. How do we do that? Well, I see daily @pjansen's posts where he tracks all kinds of metrics. So I think he could easily pull out the average activity count for all the activity reports for each participant. This would be the base. And we would measure improvement. For example, @pjansen's average activity count is 10730. During the tournament we would calculate his score by dividing it by 10730. For example, if during competition he gets 12000 steps, his score would be 12000/10730=1.118

The tournament itself could run in 2 stages. In the 1st stage each participant competes with someone else each day (in random order like in @browery's #POLIAC league). And whoever has the better improvement (higher score) during that day - wins!

After the 1st stage (when all participants competed with each other) there would be elimination phase, where the top 8 participants compete with each other by rank (1st vs 8th, 2nd vs 7th, 3rd vs 6th and 4th vs 5th). Winners move on to the semi-final. Winners of that to the final!

Also, I think for the 2nd stage the base should be the average activity count of the 1st stage. Because participants with a lower activity average will have an advantage in the 1st stage (it is easier to improve from lower levels).

The prizes!

The prize pool could be divided between top 3 places. (50%/30%/20%). In addition to that @actifit could award the winner with 100% upvote and 2nd-3rd places with 75%-50% upvotes.

What do you think guys? Could @actifit team make this happen? @mcfarhat? :)

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Thx for mentioning, your idea is good. I'm thinking how to make competition more equal. In current season @bucipuci agreed or had been forced to give handicap (his results are divided by two), but others are taking advantage of this. I know that it is not fair.

I think that to make this competition more attractive for everyone we have to implement some kind of handicap for everybody.

The cup for 8 or 16 best players could be good option on the end of this season. @racibo @ptaku @davidthompson57 @jasonbu @venan @akumagai @practicaleric @cryptospa @fredkese @krakonos @flaxz
@davidesimoncini @bucipuci @sk1920 @soluce07 @cezary-io what you think about final cup for top 8 or 16?

Very good idea. I especially like this ~average step ratio from last month, for example. Cups can be fun too, there are plenty of solutions. You can model the playoffs like in basketball (match to several wins) or in ski jumping, where we have lucky loosers among the losers. The most difficult question is who will do it? It is not so easy to note it all down and I sincerely admire @browery for being aware of it all. I am already lost in this.
Ideally, such mechanisms (leagues, cups, private leagues, challenges) should be created in actifit.

Yes, I agree, that this kind of tournament requires a tremendous amount of time. And it amazes me, that @browery finds the time to do it with #poliac. This is why I suggested it to Actifit team. Because they would be capable to pull the date from the blockchain about average activity, and also could create tickets on marketplace for AFIT tokens (that might spur some trading on hive engine).
This could be monthly event. Champions could be crowned and dethroned :D

Yeah, this is exactly why I thought that the best thing to measure would be an improvement on the average activity count. Measuring total activity has a few flaws. I and my wife use Fitbit to count our steps. We can go the same distance or do the same work, but we get different results (by a healthy margin, ~25-30%). I think that this is because of the height difference. I am 195 cm high, she is 173 cm high. So my step is longer too :) So during summer when we are the busiest, she would consistently get 25-30k count, and I rarely would exceed 18-20k.
Also, there is diminishing returns with clocking in extremely high numbers. That becomes unhealthy instead of healthy (if done in a short interval of time without gradually improving).
But to be honest I like that too :) to test the limits. That's why I trained for a marathon and ran it in 2009 :) I should repeat that sometime :)

Do it. The marathon, of course :)

👍 sounds good.

A small "play off" is a good idea :-)

It seems a good idea

Do what is best for the competition, we want people to feel that they have a chance.


Because this is such an awesome post, here is a BBH Tip for you. . Keep up the fantastic work

you had me at championship ! :)
Love the idea!! ill have further discussion with the team, feel free to chat on discord if you have other details about it or further suggestions

Great! Thanks! :)

A good idea to liven up the scene :)

@tipu curate

Yea, I think it would be fun. And would increase AFIT trading if it was used for tickets.

As you said:

Because participants with a lower activity average will have an advantage

It's easier to get a better score when you start with a lower average.

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