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RE: green balls of nature - #poliac 8, #poprzeczka 23

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In this ball is an egg of Cynips quercusfolii :) it is considered a parasite, but it actually doesn't do any damage to the tree, because the egg is on the leaf that just drops off. The egg itself is smaller. The oak (or apple tree) grows that ball around it.


Hey, thanks a lot for the explanation. You are a proper expert :)

Do I understand right that the oak in this case envelopes the parasite and that the sphere is actually this envelope? Next time I find this kind of egg I'll open it :)

Have a great Sunday.


Yes, you understood correctly :) yea I see a lot of these on our oaks, so I googled awhile back what it is. But usually they like smaller trees for some reason. Or maybe the big ones are too high to see :)

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