g3cimb.pngI can't understand what is happening. Yesterday i have unfollowed most of the downvote trail. But i have not unfollowed you. You are doing with manual research. But others are not doing so. I shall unfollow most of them. I just kept only 7 most top trails including you.

Your work is great. You are downvoting those who are not just up to the mark to get such a reward for that post. Its nice.

I have got downvote from a account in all my post couple of days back. That is @solominer
I have downvoted as a downvote trail just about 0.02$ at his post. But he downvoted me manually about 8$ in rivalry. Its just like a bite from the rich to the poor. If i had more HP than him then He could not do that.

I am glad for that. I can't speak for @solominer, but from his reply I believe that was his issue as well. Downvote trails can be a tricky thing, as you implied, you are placing your faith in the person you are following.

You realize you double posted a couple days ago? That's why I downvoted that one. You cant post the same thing twice.

you are right:If i had more HP than him then He could not do that.

but you have followed my @downvoter trail as you followed the others before.

if you selcect only one side, I ( will restore my downvote on your post after you have downvoted my post follow the others, the same as about my @goodreader and @staryao / @downvoter account.

  1. or you select on side to join in the war.
  2. or you selecet follow both.
  3. or you don't select follow both.

no way for that you select one and avoid the other side downvote, OK?

I am puzzled. solominer did a huge damage to my good contents without strong reason. I am minow. I don't want to stay in this downvote war. I am going to unfollow most of all

It's real simple. If you downvote me I'll do the same in return. It's like getting punched. Does not matter how hard someone hits you. It's all fair game after that to hit back at whatever strength you want.

That person's IQ problem, he can't figure out which is my account and which is due to the account following @downvoter 's downvote trail.

Who are the two parties?
Clearly mention. Downvoter os your opposite?

Oh. I am sorry. I am following some of them. I shall get out of all those hopefully. Here net is slow. I shall unfollow all. I want to be safe and simple. I want to Free of war between you

I have unfollowed @downvoter

Should i unfollow joshman too to get out of that war.

Basically i want to get out of this war

I will downvote back with more than 20X.

Oh, the threats, you're really making a name for yourself, bully.




You see, I knew you would not respond in English and now we have another probably terrible (but funny) translation to read. I wonder how close this is to your intended message?

Anyway, got more important shit to do, my toenails need picking.. seeya.

Compared with your garbage man, your uncle will never kill innocents indiscriminately, and will not actively bully the weak!

Your grandfather and me, this is to say the rules clearly in front of you, and respect any choice of "people"!

Unlike your gang of junkies, double standards!

Are there cookies for those who join your side as well? I hear the dark side always has cookies.


It was a Starwars joke. I think it went right over your head.

提老子我的大名,请带上 @, 别鬼鬼祟祟干龌蹉勾当,霸凌弱小。要战斗,就光明正大,正面对决,OK?

Mention my name, please take @, don't sneak around doing dirty business, bully weak small. If you want to fight, just face to face, OK?

别认怂阳痿,小弟弟。 oh you wanna fight? come to Georgia. We can set up a ring, and work out our differences there.


我只关心"downvote back"。

你有 downvote来,我就会20倍的返还给你。绝不例外。